Friday, January 16, 2015

Russell T. Davies To Write The Boys For Channel 4

If the upcoming (only six days to go now) Cucumber/Banana/Tofu shows weren't enough LGBT content from Russell T. Davies and Channel 4, then you can add another show to the roster.

The Boys, a six part drama, penned by Davies will closely focus on the lives and deaths in the 1980s of young men from AIDS, and be less about the history of the virus or the politics of fighting the disease. According to Davies, “It’s called The Boys because it is about the boys. The stories of the boys has not been told because they are not here. They didn’t leave any children, their deaths were very quiet." The drama is in it's early stages of writing and will be produced through Red Production Company. Given the passion that Davies is speaking about this upcoming project, it's going to be very interesting to see who he will cast in this six parter.

Meanwhile both Attitude and Gay Times magazines have put the cast and crew of both Cucumber and Banana on the covers of their recent magazines and last night saw the press launch of the shows, with the reception being pretty positive for both shows. It might be less than a week to go for both shows and Tofu, but I really do think the three of them are going to end up being some of the best new shows in 2015 and I even think they might end up eclipsing RTD's previous classic, Queer As Folk as well. I'll be covering the shows in some capacity on this site every Friday/Saturday.

Cucumber/Banana/Tofu air on Channel 4/E4/4OD from 9pm/10pm/10.30pm respectively from January 22nd. The Boys will air on Channel 4 in 2016.

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