Wednesday, August 05, 2015

American Horror Story: More Signings For Hotel

Well, more people have been announced for the upcoming season of American Horror Story and there are some interesting casting choices here. In fact I'm actually editing this blog to include spoilers that were released from Televisions Critics Association panel on Friday.

The biggest news is that we finally have a name for Lady Gaga's character on the show. She will be playing a wealthy, fashion/art obsessed socialite named Elizabeth who owns the hotel and will be involved in relationships with characters played by Angela Bassett, Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson. Bassett will be playing an actress named Ramona Royale while Jackson will be playing a fashion icon/father named Will Drake. Finn Wittrock's character will be a male model named Tristan Duffy, looking for his next high (something he gets with Elizabeth) while Bomer's character Donovan has interesting relationships with the ladyfolk.

As for the remaining characters, Sarah Paulson's Sally is a drug addict who has a budding something with Wes Bentley's detective John Lowe and Max Greenfield's unnamed fellow drug addict character while also having a rivalry with Kathy Bates's hotel manager Iris. Chloe Sevigny will play a doctor named Alex, dealing with a family tragedy and who is also the wife of Bentley's character while Denis O'Hare (in the most inspired role yet) will be playing Liz Taylor, a bar worker inspired by a certain film actress. No new information was released on Evan Peters Mr March but we did learn that characters from previous season will be checking in from episode six or seven onwards.

And because Ryan Murphy likes working with cast members on multiple projects, it seems that former Glee hunk Darren Criss will be appearing in the show's Halloween episode. According to sources, Criss would be playing a hipster named Justin who puts one demand too many on Kathy Bates's Iris and ends up suffering for it as a result. It's not been officially confirmed yet but really hoping this one is actually true though.

In returning cast news though, Lily Rabe (currently on ABC drama, The Whispers) has also signed up for the new season. It seems that Rabe will be playing a real life serial killer on the show. In fact, it seems the serial killer she will be playing will be Aileen Wuornos, who was previously portrayed by Charlize Theron in the 2003 movie, Monster. Rabe will make her debut in the Halloween episode, which she will be at the centre piece of.

Also confirmed for a role is Naomi Campbell. The model who had a recurring role in the first season of Empire will apparently be playing a rival to Lady Gaga's character (whose character name still hasn't been announced yet) for multiple episodes. I'm not gonna lie - Campbell's not exactly that great as an actor but it doesn't seem like she's going to be playing a particularly challenging one here either.

Last but not least (for now), Richard T. Jones will be in at least eight episodes of the upcoming fifth season. Jones will be playing a detective named Hahn while other cast members include Helena Mattson and Madchen Amick as a mother. Meanwhile the titles for the first three episodes have been seemingly confirmed as Checking In, Chutes & Ladders and Mommy. The Halloween episode will be titled Devil's Night and will be a two parter.

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American Horror Story: Hotel will air Wednesdays 10pm on FX from October 7th and will air shortly afterwards for UK viewers on FOXUK.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of an episode of The Whispers right now.

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I've edited this blog to include a lot more spoilers and an airdate for the new season.