Thursday, August 13, 2015

Doctor Who - Series 9 Trailer 2/Private Eye Rumours

With less than six weeks to go and following the trailer we got at Comic-Con last month, BBC1 have unveiled another trailer for the upcoming ninth series of Doctor Who with some brand new clips to feast our eyes on.

Unlike parts of the previous series, it really does feel like the upcoming series is playing on the more heroic aspects of the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi). In this trailer alone, he's certainly getting a fair chunk of heroic style lines when he isn't musing about being in the TARDIS with a certain young lady. Speaking of whom ....

Clara Oswald. It's our third series with Jenna Coleman's former nanny/teacher as the main companion and she's definitely thrust into the main action as we see Clara confronting Daleks, Missy and Maisie Williams mysterious character amongst others. It should also be noted that there does seem to be a strong sense of team spirit between her and the Doctor this year but with the talks of "glory days" from Moffat and company, could this series spell the end for Miss Oswald?

Speaking of Missy, it's nice to see Michelle Gomez back in action as the most fun version of the Master since Anthony Ainley and in the clips we see her making her presence known to both the Doctor and Clara while also laughing in the face of a Dalek as well. If the previous trailer didn't confirm that both Missy and the Daleks weren't in the opening two episodes, then this one certainly did. I'm also guessing there's going to be some truth to those Davros rumours after all too.

As for Maisie Williams, by now we know that she's playing a brand new character and this trailer alone we saw her in two very distinct costumes - as a peasant during her scenes with Clara and then as someone a bit more well off looking during a scene with a fire breathing leonine type creature. I really do hope with all the hype that is being placed on Maisie's mysterious character that it's one incredibly satisfying pay off and not a Tasha Lem style anticlimax.

As for the rest of the trailer, there were certainly more highlights to them. We got to see Osgood running into a police station in Mexico, Rigsy looking spooked by something, the return of the Zygons, the Doctor facing off with the likes of Odin, the Mire as well as jumping out of a window, more encounters with the eyeless ghost creatures from the third and fourth episodes and so on. It's certainly an exciting trailer, arguably more than the first one was last month.

Last week, Private Eye published an article indicating that the show's tenth series (which was confirmed a few weeks ago) will not air in 2016. A few hours later the BBC issued their own statement, which didn't exactly deny the article while a poster on Digital Spy has posted often contradictory rumours about the show's future. At the moment, it's really hard to know what exactly is true and until the ninth series has completed airing (around December 5th), we probably won't know the full story until then. In the past, Private Eye have been accurate about some things, so there could be some truth to their initial reports. It could also mean that perhaps a showrunner handover may or may not be imminent either but until the BBC actually confirm anything, it's genuinely hard to tell what's going on behind the scenes at the moment.

Series 9 Trailer 2:

Doctor Who's ninth series will air on BBC1 and BBCAmerica from September 19th.

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