Friday, August 07, 2015

My Review of Scream's 1x04: "Aftermath"

Written by Erin Maher And Kay Reindl
Directed by Brian Dannelly

Audrey: "You almost make this look cool."
Noah: "Oh yeah, we are cooking with gas."

Well, that escalated a bit then, didn't it? Not only did the episode briefly touch on Riley's death but a lot of other interesting enough things actually happened here too. Namely having the formation of a Scooby Gang with Emma, Audrey and Noah as the three of them decided to explore the hospital in order to follow up on a cryptic clue sent to Emma by Brandon James.

It makes sense to put these three into junior detective mode rather than Will, Brooke and increasingly creepy/annoying Jake and I did like the rapport between Emma, Audrey and Noah as they found Tyler's head (yeah, he's not the killer) amongst some other things as well, including a few files off Nina's laptop which happened to be there as well, which lead into something else.

We know from the opening episode that Emma had a bit of a role in Audrey's relationship with Rachael being publicly outed and at the end of this episode, Audrey and Noah inadvertently uploaded Emma and Will's first time, which makes me wonder if Nina was collecting that, is there a chance that her laptop files might also have dirt on Brooke and Seth to name a few people?

The blackmail plot which has been bubbling in previous episode did feel more prominent in this episode as well. We had both Will and Jake going back to blackmailing Brooke's father just so the former could pay to go to college, which does make me wonder what they have on Brooke's father while Ghostface set up poll to see which one will end up dead next - Brooke or Emma?

Keeping with the interesting stuff, it's kind of interesting to note that Emma and Piper seem to have the opposite sort of dynamic that Sidney and Gale initially had in the movie franchise. Not it could be that the writers are setting up a lovely friendship or perhaps Emma and Piper will eventually clash as the series progresses but it's a lot more interesting to watch than anything with Will and Jake though.

- Brooke's father is clearly lying about her mother's whereabouts.
- This episode had no kills and it didn't feature either Kieran or Seth.
- The show sure does love to comment on Piper's caffeine addiction as much as Noah's geek credentials.
- Riley's parents were mentioned but not seen in this episode.

The show is definitely picking up a little and "Aftermath" definitely pushed things nicely along the way. I do hope though that the kills get a bit more creative and we could do with a different type of victim next time too.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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