Saturday, August 08, 2015

My Review of Scream's 1x05: "Exposed"

Written by David Coggeshall
Directed by Brian Dannelly

Emma: "My life is not a game."
Ghostface: "Yes, it is and when I say it's over, you lose."

Well, he might not have bumped off anyone else this week (yup, that's two episodes in a row sans murder) but at least Ghostface had the decency to make his/her presence known and generally antagonise a mostly embarrassed Emma this week.

This week saw Emma dealing with the fallout of having her first time with Will become visual knowledge but aside from a few snide comments, I kind of felt like there was more of a focus of using the sex tape and a confession from Brooke as a means of breaking Emma up with Will and pairing her with Kieran in almost record time.

Kieran is a slightly better character than Will (not by much though) and I guess the connection with him and Emma is decent enough. I did like that he did a little gun practice with her, even though it predictably led to a sex scene that ended the episode.

As for Will, well his tedious friendship with Jake came apart first with his secret bet on Emma being revealed and then when Jake got a little overzealous in blackmailing Brooke's father. As awful as Jake is as a person (and I hoping for him to a future casualty if he's not the killer), at least he has some get up and go about him as a character. The way he sided up to Brooke and enlightened her about her father's secrets was actually pretty effective. I still detest him as a person though.

Meanwhile, we had a memorial for the victims of Ghostface's killing spree where both Emma and Noah got to make tributes to Riley while Noah and Audrey realised that Seth was spying on people and decided to raid his laptop in the middle of the day. I did like that this episode seems to thrown some potential clues as to whom the killer may be. I'll get into a bit in this review.

- Potential suspects - Jake, Audrey, Piper (murdered father she didn't know), Brooke's father and possibly Seth. Or more likely a string of red herrings. And did Brooke's father kill her mother?
- The episode introduced a new detective who is also the ex partner of the Sheriff too.
- The phrase "I'll be right back" surfaced in this episode.
- I like that Lakewell is actually having self defence classes for the students. I also liked that Audrey kicked Will's backside as well during one moment.

"Exposed" was easily the strongest episode so far. I have to credit the show for actually keeping interest during episodes that don't actually feature any kills. I also think a certain secret about Piper is going to come out (if I'm right, I think her and Emma are sisters) fairly soon as well.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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