Friday, August 21, 2015

My Review of Scream's 1x07: "In The Trenches"

Written by Jordan Rosenberg And Meredith Glynn
Directed by Leigh Janiak

Ghostface (to Emma, re Will): "This is going to be date to remember."

Finally, they went there. Not only did the show actually kill off one of the six main characters but it also did it in a style that seemed more akin to the movies themselves than any of the previous murders have been.

I'm not going to pretend to be saddened by Will's death because I kind of wasn't but at the same time, even before his murder, it did seem like the episode made a good job of both ruling him out as one of the killers (still convinced there's two of them) and also in redeeming him a little bit. The fact that Emma accidentally hit a trip wire that saw Will being cut in half by farming equipment though - kudos for that one, show.

Will's fate was fairly similar to the likes of Steve and Derek but at least he was given a memorable enough exit. With three episodes left, I can maybe assume that another one of the core six will probably get it (most likely Brooke) with the full reveal of Brandon James history revealed to Emma along the way.

Aside from the death of Will, the rest of the episode had an awkward dinner with Emma's mum, Kieran and his father as well as Kieran not being pleased with Emma's lingering feelings for Will. On the plus side, Brooke had many good scenes in this one, particularly with her father, Jake and Noah while Audrey was largely sidelined (which was less good) but there's some question marks concerning Piper this week as well.

- Starting to get the impression that we're being lead to believe that Brandon James was not the original killer.
- Will was bound and gagged twice in this episode before getting the unfortunate boyfriend death of the week. Ex in his case.
- Are we supposed to read something into Branson's absence from this one?
- Noah and Jake suspecting each other will probably result in one of them being innocent and the other dying. Or both of them being in on it together.

"In The Trenches" probably felt like the most influenced by the movie franchise so far. I did like the way Ghostface lulled Emma into a false sense of security before Will got sliced in half. While the show still feels a little too tame at times, this was a good step in the right direction.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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