Friday, August 14, 2015

My Review of Scream's 1x06: "Betrayed"

Written by Jaime Paglia
Directed by Juluis Ramsey

Emma (to Noah): "Audrey, what did you do?"

Apparently nothing as bad as this episode wanted us to think. Yeah, it was time for the actual law to start interviewing/suspecting other people given that Tyler was officially ruled out by having his head being found a few episodes back.

At first it did look like Mr Branson was going to be called into question (bet that'll happen later though) but instead it turned out to be Audrey who got the grilling from the surprisingly competent Lorraine Brock and for a fair portion of the episode, both Emma and Noah were forced to actually doubt Audrey's innocence when they found a fairly incriminating video of her.

Audrey wanting revenge on Nina for outing her relationship was pretty understandable but I wasn't surprised when it was later revealed that Rachael had actually calmed Audrey down and stopped her from doing something stupid. The more interesting aspect of this plot was that it allowed Maggie to open up a bit more about Brandon James.

I do like that she actually took Emma back to her old house and that it was revealed that Daisy/James were actually friends. As divisive as the show has been, I do think they've done a fairly decent job in giving the Brandon James backstory a lot of proper emphasis and weight. I do think however that Maggie/Daisy is going to be a future victim in the remaining episodes of this season though.

Keeping with interesting plots though - I liked the team up of Will and Piper as the former gave the latter enough juicy dirt on Brooke's father before both of them had a non deadly encounter with Ghostface by the end of the episode. This basically resulted in Piper being knocked out and Will being kidnapped and being a boyfriend in a Scream franchise rarely ends well, does it? If Kieran's not one of the killers, then he's definitely a future target as well.

- Oddly finding the Brooke and Jake scenes more interesting than they're supposed to. I did like Brooke tearing Will a new one over his involvement in blackmailing her father.
- Mr Branson changed his name. He might not be the killer but he's definitely hiding something other than spying on kids (which is bad enough).
- Three episodes, no kills. They're clearly setting up a big one very one. Yes, I know who.
- There was definitely a little Halloween vibe with the visits to old houses in this episode.

You know what, I really liked this one. I think "Betrayed" certainly pushed things along a little further and the lack of kills have worked well enough in the show's favour.The acting still isn't the greatest at times and even I think it would be nice if Noah could slow down on the pop cultures a tiny bit but other than that, there's been an improvement here.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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