Friday, June 10, 2016

Batman Beyond - Episodes 13-16 Reviews

With the latest episodes I watched, I've managed to finish off the first season and delve a little into the second season. A mixed bunch of episodes.

Episode 13: Ascension

The first season of this show ended with the very public outing of Derek Powers as Blight and while everyone in Neo Gotham knew exactly who he was, the episode was more about his downfall. Yeah, we saw a vindictive side to Terry who really wanted to take Powers down but it was Derek's son, the equally as corrupt Paxton that proved to be the thorn in his side. Paxton it seems really is his father's son with his attempts of taking out both his father and Batman in this episode. However the episode left the door open for Blight to inevitably return though. 8/10

Episode 14: Splicers

The opening episode for the second season went in an interesting direction. I know it's a (not that) far future but a part of me did have a little difficulty in believing that even teenagers would be into splicing as a new trend. Of course, the man behind it had more nefarious reasons for the splicing and Terry suffered a bit of it by becoming a vampire bat like creature for a scene or two. There was a nice enough appearance from Barbara and Sam and I liked Terry and Ace working together as they both took out Dr Cuvier in his transformed state. The episode also debuted a new recurring character in Max as well. 6/10

Episode 15: Earth Mover

Well, this was a weird one. On paper, the idea was pretty riveting. On screen though, a little bit of a mixed bag though. In this episode we met a friend of Terry and Dana's named Jackie, whose adopted dad Bill was responsible for the death of her real father during a work related incident. Except the real father didn't die. Instead he became some toxic waste earth type of creature able to control some Clayface looking like (but not actually Clayface) minions before Batman was eventually able to defeat him. The episode works for the most part but there's something a little off with it as well. I just can't put my finger on it though. 7/10

Episode 16: Joyride

After a few cameo appearances here and there in previous episodes, this episode decided to put some actual focus onto the Jokerz gang when they stole a government vehicle to wreck havoc upon. I don't like the Jokerz that much as a gang and the more the appear, the more they actually make me wish for the real thing instead. However, I did quite enjoy the dynamics within the gang and seeing Terry taking on one obnoxious member  and defeating him quite nicely. While I don't like this gang or even their T rivals, if we get more episodes of this quality, I guess I'm open to more appearances from them though. 8/10

Next blog I'll focus on Lost Souls, Hidden Agenda, Blood Sport and Once Burned.

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