Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Recap/Review: Penny Dreadful's 3x05: This World Is Our Hell

Last week, it was all about Vanessa and a certain orderly. This week marks the first time the former has not appeared in an episode as the focus towards across the sea with two characters being reunited.

Written by John Logan
Directed by Paco Cabezas

Sharing Secrets Of Darkness: Since Hecate won't leave Ethan's side, this episode decided to flesh her out a tad more than anything we saw in the second season with the character. As both her and Ethan share some dark secrets about their dysfunctional families, which helped to explain their motivations a lot better, the latter also seemed to become protective of Hecate as well. He wasn't keen on Malcolm's attempts to kill her and he certainly didn't hold Hecate back from summoning rattlesnakes to kill some rangers as well. Hecate is certainly leading Ethan down a rather dark path.

Fathers & Son: This week, Ethan finally caught up with his fathers - all three of them. Not only did he see both Malcolm and Kaetenay once again but he also caught up with his biological father, Jared (Brian Cox) and let's be honest, those two have some really tense history. We got more insight into Ethan's mother and then the episode ended on one hell of a stand off between him and his father that won't end for one of them next week.

Unhappy Reunion: Anyone hoping for a happy reunion between Ethan and Malcolm might have been a tad disappointed over the actual reunion itself, which led to the former being recaptured again. There was also some conflict over Hecate as well given that Ethan was less keen on her being killed than Malcolm was.

Campfire Attacks: One of the things I've enjoyed about this season has been the friendship of sorts between Malcolm and Kaetenay. While finding Ethan has been a common goal for the pair of them, seeing the two get to know each and interact in nearly every episode has also been great. This episode we got more on Ethan's past with the latter whilst once again, Malcolm also defended Kaetenay from a racist white guy - Jared in this case. I'm just hoping the rattlesnake bite didn't do in Kaetenay in though.

Upping The Experiments: This week while Vanessa, Caliban, Sweet, Seward, Lily and Dorian were all off our screen, we did get some stuff in London as we got to see Victor needle Jekyll about his insecurities while also upping the experiments on a particular bedlam resident. The scenes added a nice breather between all the Ethan/Malcolm/Hecate scenes and we even got some flashes of Hyde emerging as well. I still want Victor's attempts to 'tame' to go wrong though.

Next week, Vanessa opens up to Dr Sweet about the demons in her life.

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