Saturday, June 25, 2016

Batman Beyond - Episodes 29-32 Reviews

A slew of episodes with no baddie returns but a couple of new ones and an episode premise that works a lot better than expected.

Episode 29: The Last Resort

A rehab clinic for wayward teenagers is the order of the day for this episode. First we see typical troubled kids like Sean sent there before Chelsea herself too is shipped off for simply challenging the antics of the place. Of course, Terry ended up being captured and having to brave it in the place when his attempts of uncovering Dr Wheeler's cruel treatment of the kids backfired. I did like the teams up Terry had with Sean and Jamal in this episode as Wheeler's reign of terror came to a brief end. 8/10

Episode 30: Armory

Not one of the best episodes to be honest. We met Jared briefly in another episode and this one somewhat expanded on his family a bit. Namely, his stepfather who ended up being fired from Paxton Powers, so he becomes a criminal named Armory. Of course, Armony's career is pretty shortlived as his father and Terry end up catching up to him pretty fast within the episode. More interesting is Maxine's shifting attitude towards Jared as the episode progressed. 6/10

Episode 31: Sneak Peek

I really liked this one. We haven't had too much media related stuff in this version of the Batman universe and Ian Peek is someone who could give Jack Ryder a run for his money by being a right bane for people's privacy. Ian's MO involved going invisible in order to bag his scoop and things certainly intensified when he managed to figure out that Terry was Batman and Bruce is his mentor as well. Of course before Ian could actually divulge the information to the general public, he had to face the consequences of his invisibility and they were pretty shocking. 8/10

Episode 32: The Eggbaby

The premise of this episode did not wow me. I wasn't eggxactly eggxcited for an episode where Terry had to spend most of his time having to watch an egg baby while fighting against a criminal family (a fearsome matriarch and her dogged sons) but bloody hell, this was seriously entertaining. From Blade's insistence on not pulling her weight to look after the egg to Terry's exasperation and bonding with the eggbaby itself. There's a cute moment in the episode where he actually sticks out his tongue to coax the baby and that along with Bruce's bemusement certainly made the episode for me. Then there was Ma Mayhem and her sons, Carl and Slim, who were also great characters to watch. A definite must see episode. 9/10

Next blog I'll look at Zeta, Plague, April Moon and Sentries Of The Last Cosmos.

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