Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Recap/Review: Penny Dreadful's 3x07: Ebb Tide

Things are certainly hotting up now. With some characters getting closer to returning, others have slipped back into the dark side once again.

Written by John Logan
Directed by Paco Cabezas

Embrace The Bite: Well, this week certainly clued Vanessa in to the bleeding obvious. She spent the start of the episode being blissfully happy with Dr Sweet, even going as far as telling Caliban that she felt happy before her later conversation with Caitriona made her realise that her lovely new boyfriend is also the Dragon/Dracula himself. A delicious confrontation between Vanessa and the Count then took place but the episode ended with her succumbing to Dracula's seduction once again and this time, it looked like we might have lost Vanessa to the dark side. Ethan and Malcolm can't return soon enough.

Forced Into Submission: Lily's whole feminist storyline has been the most perplexing all season long. On one hand, she's completely right in her bid to empower the women she has but at the same time, she's encouraged the lot of them to become murderers in her quest and this week, she finally pushed Dorian's patience (as did Justine, who has gotten fairly tiresome to watch). Dorian handed Lily over to Victor and Henry and I have to admit the moment, Victor told Lily he wanted to make her into a proper woman made me a little sick. Lily might be dangerous but Victor truly repulsed with this episode. I'm actually hoping now that Lily kills him for this.

Home Again: Last week delved into Caliban's past some more with his sick son, Jake and this week, thanks to some kind words from Vanessa, John went home and actually managed to get acceptance from both his wife and ailing son and it was a rather lovely moment. I did enjoy those scenes and I also liked that Vanessa told Caliban about how kind he was to her in the past even though it's something he has yet to remember himself. This season has actually done a lot of good for this particular character.

Voyage Home: This week, Ethan, Malcolm and Kaetenay finally left America and headed on a boat to Britain. The latter also spent some time grilling both Malcolm and Ethan on their relationships with Vanessa but despite being on a boat, Kaetenay was also able to actually interact with Vanessa too for a moment. Needless to say that encounter didn't go down so well as the latter edged closer and closer to embracing her dark side but at least Ethan and Malcolm are on the way home.

Other Character Moments: This episode had a few lovely character bits to it as well. At the start we learned that Lily had a little girl who died as a one year old while Caitriona provided more intel on Dracula, Renfield upped his creepiness and Seward also showed signs of suspicion with Renfield as well as he asked too many questions about Vanessa while Justine's attempts of rebellion only saw Dorian point out how tiresome she actually was. On a frustrating note, aside from foolishly enabling Victor, it's been seven episodes now and not only have we not seen the Hyde element of Henry but we still haven't anything else to go on with the character.

Next week, it's a double bill as the battle for Vanessa's soul and Dracula gathers pace. 

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