Friday, June 17, 2016

Batman Beyond - Episodes 17-20 Reviews

In this batch of episodes we get a futuristic tale, a new ally for Terry, a game hunter and the return of a certain gang for seconds.

Episode 17: Lost Souls

For a show set in the future, it's actually been a great thing that they haven't gone overboard with the futuristic episodes as such but this one dipped into that side of things than previous ones had done. Having Terry's Batman suit hijacked by the long deceased Vance, who also had sinister plans for his grandson did make for a few interesting scenes, including one where Terry had to do battle with his suit while also wearing a different disguise as well. It's not the strongest of episodes but the idea is solid enough though. 6/10

Episode 18: Hidden Agenda

It had to happen. Someone close enough to terry had to learn that he was actually his brother and instead of it being his mother, brother or Dana, the honour went to Maxine, though at first she was more convinced that he was a member of the Jokerz than the new Dark Knight. I like Maxine as a character. Unlike Dana, Maxine actually has a character to her and the way she figured out Terry's secret identity was done pretty well. I even loved the Robin/Alfred exchange with them at the end and in between the use of the Jokerz and a valedictorian within the school setting, this was a pretty strong episode. 8/10

Episode 19: Blood Sport

A game hunter episode. Not one of the most enticing of premises but the Stalker (who has an established history of crime) has rocked up in Neo Gotham with the desire to hunt the Bat demon, which also included snatching Terry's little brother for bait. I did like the flashbacks for the Stalker and the fight scenes between him and Batman were decent enough. That being said though, the episode wasn't as engaging as it could've been though. 6/10

Episode 20: Once Burned

I really liked the Royal Flush Gang's last appearance so having them return for an encore was more than fine by me. This time, it was Melanie Ten robbing from a rival gang and spinning Batman a line about her family being held captive by the Jokerz. Of course they weren't and once again, she was put in the position of choosing between love and family yet before the latter and the rival gang ended up being arrested. I do like that the show is attempting a Bruce/Selina rapport with Terry/Melanie and for the most part, it does work though. 8/10

Next blog will focus on Hooked Up, Rats, Mind Games and Revenant.

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