Thursday, June 23, 2016

Batman Beyond - Episodes 25-28 Reviews

I'm about halfway through my whole series watch and the four episodes here were some of the strongest we've seen.

Episode 25: Babel

The animals of Neo Gotham are losing the plot. Ace attacks Bruce, Max's cat is brave enough to try and maul a pitbull and even the elephant at the zoo is going wild. Of course, it's a problem that soon escalates as Shriek resurfaces and make it clear that he can cause a lot of damage to the city and it's residents sanity if Batman isn't handed over to him. As plans go, it's one of Shriek's more dastardly of ones with some of the citizens more than happy to see Batman handed over before the latter is able to stop Shriek yet again. A very inventive episode. 8/10

Episode 26: Terry's Friend Dates A Robot

Can we talk about the opening sequence for this one? Terry fighting robotic versions of Riddler, Two Face and Killer Croc was absolutely brilliant. It's easily one of the best things the series has produced so far. As for the rest of the episode - the trope of a nerdy bloke dating a homicidal robot named Cynthia isn't the greatest of storylines and it played out rather predictably as well. Terry's friend, Howard is also pretty unlikeable as a character from start to finish that it makes the episode even harder to enjoy though I did like Max's attempts of taking down Cynthia before Terry did though. 7/10

Episode 27: Eyewitness

This one was bloody intense. Mad Stan has been one of those characters that has popped up in various episodes but hasn't done much to make an impression, so when it looked like Batman might have actually killed him, suddenly I found myself a little interested in the character. Of course it soon transpired that Stan wasn't actually dead but more that Spellbinder had returned and nearly succeeded in turning Barbara against both Batman and Bruce for good. Speaking of Barbara, we do need to get an episode where she moves past her unresolved issues with Bruce at some point, right? 8/10

Episode 28: Final Cut

Curare is one of my favourite villains we've had in this series and her second episode is every bit as good as the first. Last time we saw Curare, she was on the run for failing to kill Sam and this time, she's bumping off the people trying to kill her. One of them uses blackmail/bombing Neo Gotham to get Batman to help with Max also getting caught in the middle and saving the city from a bomb. While I did miss Bruce's absence in this one, I did like seeing Terry and Max getting closer though. 8/10

Next blog I'll look into The Last Resort, Armory, Sneak Peek and The Eggbaby.

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