Saturday, June 18, 2016

Batman Beyond - Episodes 21-24 Reviews

And in this batch of episode we've got superpowered kids, the latest addiction, giant rats and a menacing presence that isn't quite as ghostly as everyone believes.

Episode 21: Hooked Up

Getting back to returning villains, it was Spellbinder's turn to reappear and cause chaos in Gotham by getting kids hooked to a virtual reality scenario where their biggest fantasies could come true but the bigger focus was on Maxine. In this episode, she wanted to help Batman and Bruce even more than she already was and she soon ended up as one of Spellbinder's victims as we learned a bit more about her family. She was also the one to undo Spellbinder's antics in this episode as well, so overall, this was a strong one for Maxine. 7/10

Episode 22: Rats

I have to admit that as a character, I'm finding it hard to even like Dana sometimes, let alone feel sorry. I know we're meant to feel slightly bad that Terry keeps blowing off their dates and is generally distant with her but in this episode, a part of me was hoping that Terry would actually dump her. Instead as Batman, he has to rescue her from a former student named Patrick who looks like a rat and has made other people into them as well for good measure. Overall I found this episode pretty boring in parts. 5/10

Episode 23: Mind Games

A step up from the previous one. Terry in this one had to go up a couple of dangerous foes in order to save a young girl named Tamara with psychic abilities. I really liked some of the fight sequences Terry had when it came to going up against some of the members of the Brain Trust. I also liked the way Tamara was able to communicate with Terry throughout the episode before she was also reunited with her parents. Definitely one of the strongest episodes we've had. 8/10

Episode 24: Revenant

A ghostly episode but not really. Strange goings on have been happening at the high school and it's enough to inspire Dana, Chelsea and two other girls to take part in a seance, that Nelson rudely interrupted before a sinister presence tried to kill him and Batman had to step in to save him. The episode soon revealed that it wasn't a ghost terrorising the high school but actually a more powered up Willie Watt, who bulked up and managed to cause more carnage before eventually being taken down again. It's a great return episode for the character. 7/10

Next blog will look at Babel, Terry's Friend Dates A Robot, Eyewitness and Final Cut.

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