Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 2x08: "The Chicago Way"

Written by Sarah Nicole Jones & Ray Utarnachitt
Directed by Ralph Hemecker

Sara (to the gang): "Grab your fedoras, we're going to the 1920's."

The mid-season finales in the DC universe so far have seen Selina Kyle encounter her mother, Kara somewhat outsmarted Lillian Luthor with Lena's help, Oliver inadvertently kill unfortunate Billy while encountering Laurel again and Barry has to save Iris from being killed by Savitar. By comparison, our Legends might have fared a bit better but only just.

First of all, the Legion of Doom who still haven't fully formed came a little closer to that by roping in Malcolm Merlyn into their little club and to be honest, I'm finding this little unholy trinity (for now) a lot more fun than Vandal Savage ever was. Malcolm is far from one of my favourite characters but he was somewhat well used in this episode.

When Sara and Stein were captured by Thawne, Malcolm tried the softly approach to getting the amulet Sara stole by trying to appeal to her desire to change. I like that while Sara refused Malcolm's offer, she admitted to being tempted by the prospect of an easier life with her sister alive (about that, Sara, talk to Oliver) and that it also led to Stein opening about Lily's existence as well, which Sara was initially worried about before accepting.

The more scenes the show wants to give us with Sara and Stein, the better in my opinion. Also truly satisfying to watch was that fight scene between Sara and Malcolm as the two of them duked it out. Actually seeing the Waverider by Malcolm and Eobard certainly added to the tension of this particular one as Sara was forced into making a compromise in order to save Stein.

As for trio of baddies, well they managed to get the amulet(s) back and Eobard also revealed his intention to Damian and Malcolm that he wanted the Spear of Destiny to change fate while at the same time, the 1920s backdrop meant that the gang were able to use both Al Capone and Eliot Ness in order to play with the Legends and they did pretty well to be honest.

Along with the exploration into the roaring 1920s and our gang having to deal with gangsters, we also had both Ray and Nate embark in a little friendly rivalry while Mick continued to be drawn to Amaya while experiencing visions of Leonard as well. This is the second time we've had Snart but not really. I really want him back now. Oh and it seems like Rip is a director of a sci-fi show or movie in the 1960s, so he's back then.

- I do wonder if the show is planning to go there with Mick/Amaya. They feel like this season's Sara/Snart, don't they?
- Gideon managed to get a funny line in this episode when Nate discovered she can also help people with brain damage.
- When the show returns in 2017, it will air in a 9pm slot with The Flash.
- Chronology: Chicago 1927 and California 1967.

The Chicago Way maintained the DC TV mid-season finales well. The use of Capone and Ness worked brilliantly along with the forming Legion of Doom and various returns in this episode. I can't wait to see what the second half of the season offers us.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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