Sunday, December 20, 2009

12 Shows Of Christmas Guide

Okay, there's a lot over the Christmas to watch. A lot of it being forgettable rubbish and some of the other stuff being movies that have been seen a thousand times over but here are some of the more interesting and media grabbing things to watch this year.

1: Doctor Who - The End Of Time Parts 1 And 2, Christmas Day 6pm and New Year's Day 6.40pm on BBC1.

Did anyone ever think that David Tennant and Russell T. Davies last story would be a quite affair? This two parter certainly aims to dispell that as the Doctor hurtles towards the end of his tenth incarnation, the Master is ressurected on Christmas Eve while Joshua Naismith attempts to open the Immortality Gate. Bringing back the Master as the villain of the piece is a masterstroke (pun most definitely intended) with John Simm promising to make the rogue Time Lord more deranged than last time. Also there's Wilfred as the main companion of the piece and the welcome return of Donna and several others into the mix.

2: An Englishman In New York, December 28th, 9pm on ITV1

Yes, every now and then, ITV1 can produce some excellent drama and the much awaited sequel to The Naked Civil Servant, John Hurt takes his character Quentin Crisp to New York where a calvacade of events see the flamboyant gentlement out of favour with the gay community upon making some ill-advised comments on the nature of AIDS. This special one-off also features Sex And The City's Cynthia Nixon as Penny Arcade and also upcoming True Blood guest star, Denis O'Hare.

3: Alan Carr: Chatty Man, New Year's Eve, 10.20pm on Channel 4

I've not gotten into this show as much as I did with The Friday/Sunday Night Project and Carr is one of those comedians who seems to be fairly ubitiquous nowadays but it could be fun enough. Davina McCall's not my cup of tea but it's nice to see that David Tennant and Catherine Tate are ever present over the holiday period.

4: Graham Norton New Year's Eve Christmas Show, New Year's Eve10.40pm on BBC1

Competing with Alan Carr, Norton's selection of guests include Sarah Jessica Parker, Joan Rivers and The Wire's Dominic West. Could be fun.

5: Grumpy Guide To Christmas, December 23rd, 9pm on BBC2

For those of you who are not in the festive spirit, it seems that a new edition of the popular series looks set to round off everything that virtually sucks about Christmas. Oh go on, embrace your inner Grinch for a half an hour.

6: Stephen Gately: Picture Of You, December 27th, 10.30pm on RTE1

The only Irish thing I've noted but hey, it's still a huge media story. Stephen's death was certainly tragic and while I don't think this will uncover anything new, it could be still worth looking into.

7: Hamlet, Boxing Day, 5.05pm on BBC2

You can't move for the amount of David Tennant on screen during this Christmas period. In this made for TV version of his 2008 performance of Gregory Doran's take on the popular play, the actor takes on the title role with certain boyish charm and gusto. Look out for Patrick Stewart as well, who eclipses Tennant.

8: Soaps, Various Times/Days/Channels

In terms of LGBT stuff, Connie/Yvonne split in Fair City, Christian is determined to ruin Syed and Amira's wedding in EastEnders and Zoe's attempts to expose Lydia nearly get her killed in Hollyoaks. Corrie meanwhile stick to panto and Emmerdale aren't doing much to forward the Aaron storyline.

9: Charlie Brooker's Screewipe Review Of 2009, December 22nd, 10.30pm on BBC4

Last year saw the likes of The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent ripped to piece, so I'm pretty sure that this year the witty Mr Brooker will be eyeing up the usual suspects again to give a dressing down to.

10: The Day Of The Triffids, December 28th and 29th, 9pm on BBC1

Wow, the Beeb are going for their remakes, aren't they? If you can't wait for Survivors (that's next month), then here's another remake to get into. Starring Dougray Scott, Joely Richardson and Eddie Izzard.

11: Gavin And Stacey, New Year's Day, 9pm on BBC1

I haven't gotten into this series as much as I did with the last one but this series finale could be a crowd pleaser. Can Smithy stop Nessa from marrying Dave Coaches and will Uncle Bryn get something better to do?

12: Catherine Tate: Nan's Christmas Carol, Christmas Day, 10.30pm, BBC1

Be glad it's not Lauren. Instead the most racist, homophobic and nastiest fictional OAP is supposed to be shown the error of her ways when the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future pay her a visit. Will Nan change her ways? Not fucking likely!


Nat said...

The New Years Eve entertainment looks quite good, if I'm at home will try to catch a bit of both.

Otherwise personally for me there's not much of interest to watch over the Christmas period. There's a few movies I'll try to watch but that's pretty much it.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Christmas is largely hit and miss but there's three shows here that will definitely be getting some reviewing once they've aired.