Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Doctor In Distress (Doctor Who New Year's Day Spoilers)

Things aren't looking good for our Time Lord, are they? Last spoiler for this era, I swear.

The Doctor (David Tennant) finds himself tied up and gagged in the same way that his old friend endured in the previous episode. Interesting exchange in a scene that was shown on Alan Carr's Chatty Man last night.

Master: Tell me. Where's your TARDIS?
Doctor: You could be so wonderful
Master: Where is it?
Doctor: You're a genius, you're stone-cold brilliant, you are. I swear you really are, but you could be so much more, you could be beautiful, with a mind like that, we could travel the stars. It would be my honour, because you don't need to own the universe, just see it. You have the privilege to see the whole and time and space. That's ownership enough.
Master: Would it stop then? The noise in my head?
Doctor: I can help
Master: I don't know what I would be without that noise.
Doctor: Wonder what I'd be without you.
Master: Yeah

Doctor in bondage, the slashiest piece of dialogue ever. Why isn't it Friday? Also officially my favourite quote from RTD's era.

The Master (John Simm) seems pretty happy to have his best enemy in captivity. But can the Doctor actually appeal to his better nature? Does the Master even have any? There's certainly something more to these two than before. There's history and something tells me they're both gonna bear the brunt of the Time Lords return.

Wilfed Mott (Bernard Cribbins) - that man would break your heart. The scenes where he tells the Doctor that he doesn't want him to die, telling him to kill the Master first. This is not going to be an easy episode to watch on Friday.

Our Lord President (Timothy Dalton doesn't like people speaking out against him). Well, we can definitely assume that he's anything but benovelent, then.

The Doctor gets quite the bashing in this episode that it feels like epic Doctor Whump. Tied up, bruised and I'm gonna assume that the regeneration is going to be an enforced one. Time Lord superior are sort of spiteful in that way.

I've also just realised that if you count all the specials as Series 4, then David Tennant's last season has a good few things in common with Colin Baker's first.

- Daleks/Davros (Revelation Of The Daleks, The Stolen Earth/Journey's End/The Waters Of Mars/The End Of Time)
- Cybermen (Attack Of The Cybermen/The Next Doctor)
- The Master/Other Time Lords (The Mark Of The Rani/The Doctor's Daughter/The End Of Time)
- Multi-Doctor Stories (The Two Doctors/Journey's End/The End Of Time)
- Multi-Companions (The Two Doctors/The Stolen Earth/Journey's End/The End Of Time)
- Sontarans (The Two Doctors/The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky).

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