Friday, December 04, 2009

Master Or Prisoner? (Doctor Who Christmas 2009 Spoilers)

Christmas is coming and hey, only 21 days left for The End Of Time Part 1. Some new pictures from the recent trailers.

What a difference two and a half years make. The Master (John Simm) has gone from ruling the Earth to wearing a dog collar. Has RTD been lifting ideas from Whofic for inspiration? That image will certainly stay with fangirls for a while.

As will this one of the Master strapped down presumably by Joshua Naismith's men from UNIT. Presumably the Master is desperately needed to help open up the famed Immortality Gate that's mentioned in the latest trailer.

Miss Trefusis (Sylvia Seymour) is seemingly instrumental in the Master being raised from the dead as is poor Lucy and the unfortunate security guards of this particular prison. All working together and you can thank Mr Naismith for Christmas being cancelled this year.

Some nude John Simm action here as the Master is raised from the dead, yet again. Havoc is going to be a big part of his agenda, even though it appears that he's being forced to work for Joshua Naismith if the earlier pictures are a clear indicator.

Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins), The Doctor (David Tennant) and The Master (John Simm) all together in the first cast shot for The End Of Time two parter. The Doctor literally is in the middle of good and evil here.

In a further bid to make Doctor Who so vocally known during the Christmas period, there's also a series of amusing but silly idents as well. You'll never think of reindeer in the same way again. And Brian Cox is voicing the Elder Ood. Why didn't I realise that before?
The End Of Time New Trailer:

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