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The End Of Time - DWM 416 Spoilers/Specials DVD Information

From DWM 416

RTD's final production notes
  • The heading for scene 12 of episode 4.17 says 'INT. ICE CAVE.' And in that scene, someone asks the Doctor, "That woman in the cage, who is she?"
  • Scene 11 of The End of Time Part Two is set in China (but filmed in Wales)
  • Scene 9 is set in Geneva. RTD describes it as a very 'global' story.
  • The very first shot starts on the moon (unspecified if he is still talking about part 1 or 2
  • RTD confirms the return of the Master, Lucy Saxon, Donna, Wilf, Sylvia, Trinity Wells and Nerys.
  • He says Donna's neighbour (the elderly lady) is back too. Her name is Sally.
  • When RTD first said the title was 6 words long, the original title was 'The Final Days of Planet Earth' - it was changed because the story was too big, it had to have a 'part one' and 'part two'
  • He gives a subtitle (like the rest of these, in the style of the 12 days of Christmas) of 'And a banana skin upon the staircase!' and adds - What? A what on the whatcase? How strange.
  • He then pretends to fall on the skin, and regenerates into the Moff. With dreadful typed Scottish accent ad everything...!

And also...
  • RTD: 'There's a very funny cameo from Barry Howard'
  • RTD says the two Vinvocci are two of his 'favourite aliens ever!'
  • 'The most revolting roast turkey scene you'll ever see'
  • 'Our biggest cliffhanger ever.'
  • QUOTE, UNQUOTE - Wilf: But you were told, he will knock four times. And then you die. That's him, isn't it, the Master? The noise in his head? The Master is going to kill you. The Doctor: Yeah.
  • RTD says Naismith is planning a 'very unusual Christmas present' for his daughter Abigail..
  • He says [RTD] the Naismith home is home to the Immortality Gate.
  • RTD describes the Master as 'lost and raw and savage.'
  • Wilf introduces the mystery of the 'silver cloak'
  • RTD swears that when we hear the four knocks, our hearts will ache.
  • DWM offer their odds on who they think is knocking - they've got:
    The Master 4/1
    The DoctorDonna 12/1
    The Eleventh Doctor 11/2
    Wilf 6/1
    The Narrator 7/2
    The Ood 40/1
    'Death' Himself 13/2
  • John Simm says he has 'dipped' onto online forums before, and says he 'couldn't give a toss' what 200 or 300 people think anyway (about his campness etc in Sod/LotTL
The DVD set for the whole specials is due for release on January 11th. While I'm not sure on the commentaries for The Next Doctor, Planet Of The Dead and The Waters Of Mars. However the commentaries for ....

The End Of Time Part 1 - David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Euros Lyn
The End Of Time Part 2 - David Tennant, John Simm and Euros Lyn

Shame there's no Bernard Cribbins or RTD though. The rest of the features are ....

# The Next Doctor Feature: (SD to HD Up-Conversion)
# DTS HD 5.1 Audio on feature only
# The Next Doctor Confidential (SD to HD Up-Conversion)
# Doctor Who at the Proms (SD)
# Dolby Digital Stereo audio on extras
# Planet of the Dead:
# Planet of the Dead Feature (HD)
# DTS HD 5.1 Audio On Feature Only
# Planet of the Dead Confidential (HD)
# Dolby Digital Stereo Audio On Extras
# The Waters of Mars: (HD)
# DTS HD 5.1 Audio On Feature Only
# Waters of Mars Confidential (HD)
# Dolby Digital Stereo Audio on Extras
# The End of Time: Part One: (HD)
# DTS HD 5.1 Audio On Feature & Confidential
# The End Of Time: Part One Confidential (HD)
# David Tennant Video Diary - The Final Days (SD)
# BBC Idents (SD)
# Audio Commentary On Feature
# Dolby Digital Stereo Audio On Extras (Except Confidential)
# The End of Time: Part Two: (HD)
# DTS HD 5.1 Audio On Feature & Confidential
# The End of Time: Part Two Confidential (HD)
# Russell T Davies Intro to Deleted Scenes & Deleted Scenes (HD)
# Doctor Who At Comic-Con 2009 (HD)
# Audio Commentary On Feature
# Dolby Digital Stereo Audio On Extras (Except Confidential)