Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, That Was A Year

Best Show (UK): Torchwood. The first two seasons were fun but Season 3 certainly took the show to a new level.

Worst Show (UK): Big Brother 10. Thank God this shit is ending in 2010.

Best Show (US): True Blood. When I fall for a show, I fall hard and this I fell for.

Worst Show (US): 90210. More vacuous crap courtesy of CW.

Best Villain: The Master in Doctor Who. Closely followed by Maryann in True Blood.

Worst Villain: Danko in Heroes. Dullest too.

Best TV Death: Juliet Burke in Lost. Also tempted to say George in Grey's Anatomy too.

Worst TV Death: Tracy's not a death in Heroes. Edie in Desperate Housewives as well. She deserved something better.

Shocking TV Moment: The second season finale of Ashes To Ashes. Coma within a coma. The hell?

Sexiest Male On TV: Russell Tovey in Being Human. How can you not love George?

Sexiest Female On TV: Is it early to include Karen Gillan? Okay then, Anna Paquin from True Blood then.

Best Finale: Although I'm still watching it, I'm gonna say Doctor Who's The End Of Time two parter.

Yes, Kids Are Annoying: The Scavo twins in Desperate Housewives. Two years in a row.

Neither Use, Nor Ornament: Holly Harper and Ryan Lafferty in Brothers And Sisters. Take the hint, writers and do away with them already.

Good Reality TV: The Apprentice. Come on, it's the only thing in this genre I get into.

Bad Reality TV: Big Brother 10. At least it's ending.

Best Gay Couple: Kevin Walker/Scotty Wandall in Brothers And Sisters. Emily and Naomi from Skins come a close(ish) second.

Worst Gay Couple: Julia McNamara/Olivia Lord in Nip/Tuck. Look at the shitty way they killed off the latter as well.

Best Straight Couple: Jessica Hambry/Hoyt Fortenberry in True Blood. Genius idea and the most believable couple on the show.

Worst Straight Couple: Bree/Orson in Desperate Housewives. Talk about devolution in a big way.

Best Guest Appearance: John Simm on Doctor Who. Thank God the Master was the last big villain for David Tennant's last story.

Worst Guest Appearance: Lindsay Lohan in Ugly Betty. Dull.

Killed Too Soon: Jacob in Lost. Why introduce him to kill him off, guys?

Difficult Season: Heroes. Season Three failed to improve the show and Season Four seemingly isn't helping either.

Best Male Character: The Doctor in Doctor Who. I'm gonna miss his tenth incarnation while looking forward to his eleventh one.

Worst Male Character: Paul Ballard in Dollhouse. Boring character, even if the second season has made him slightly more tolerable.

Best Female Character: Tara Thornton in True Blood. Rutina Wesley is arguably the best actress on the show and it's hard not to love her character.

Worst Female Character: Claire Bennett in Heroes. I had to pick someone, didn't I? Maybe Katherine Mayfair from Desperate Housewives as well.

Most Improved Show: Lost. Season 5 was wonderful.

Least Improved Show: Nip/Tuck. Season 5 wasn't.

Best TV Partnership: The Doctor/Wilfred Mott in Doctor Who and Alex Drake/Gene Hunt in Ashes To Ashes.

Worst TV Partnership: Sean and Christian in Nip/Tuck. And I used to love their dynamic.

Best Use Of Music: Skins. This show fires on all cyclinders on that front.

HoYay Award: Doctor/Master in Doctor Who. Mind-tapping, bondage ahoy. You'd almost think David Tennant and John Simm would go gay for each other.

2010 Hopeful: Glee, which looks awesome.

I'll edit this later to include more stuff.

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Nat said...

Like the awards idea :)

Agree with you on a few awards; Skins is definitely great for music, I love the track on their new trailer; the Scavo twins are dull, and need to be got rid off; Paul Ballad is one of thw orst male characters I've seen in a while, which is odd considering the pedigree of the show and the actor; Holly and Ryan need to leave B&S but I can't see it happening, obviously a case of writers not listening to the fans.