Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Ties That Bind (Doctor Who Christmas 2009 Spoilers)

Last one I swear as we have a week to go before The End Of Time Part 1 finally airs.

How do you amp up excitement for the Master's return? Just show trailers of John Simm either naked or bound and gagged and according to an interview with David Tennant, we could be getting two Time Lords in bondage over the Christmas. Either RTD's got a one track mind or there's a good reason for it. Answer: both. Helps if you're a slash bunny.

You know the more we don't have any spoilers revealed on either Donna (Catherine Tate) or Lucy Saxon (Alexandra Moen), the more I'm convinced that both ladies are doomed. Maybe I'm wrong but at this point apart from Lucy being in the slammer and Donna getting married, very little has been revealed on both ladies outcome. Perhaps that's a good thing.

He might look the youngest out of Wilfred's little group but we all know that the Doctor (David Tennant) isn't by a long shot. A preview has shown June Whitfield's character Minnie getting a little overaffectionate with our departing Doctor.

Joshua (David Harewood) and Abigail Naismith (Tracy Ifeachor) - father and daughter duo from hell - probably. Well they ressurect the Master, hold him hostage and want to open up the Immortality Gate. What good can come out of that?
Quote, Unquote

The Master: "Never dying, the never ending drums, can't you hear it? The noise, the drumbeat. Louder than ever before."

Sounds eerily around the same lines of some of Davros' doomy dialogue from Journey's End. Obviously it has to be the Doctor who's on the receiving end of this.

The End Of Time Part 1, Christmas Day 6pm on BBC1.
The End Of Time Part 2, New Year's Day 6.40pm on BBC1.


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