Tuesday, October 19, 2010

America Is Occupied - Doctor Who Series 6 Filming

It's that time again when some fantastic spoiler pictures emerge for Doctor Who. This time around, for the first and second episodes of Series 6.

Alex Kingston seems to get all the nice clobber to wear on this show and this time around, a scene was being filmed with River that was eerily similar to the first time we saw her in The Time Of Angels this year.

Is there a sci-fi/fantasy programme that Mark Shephard hasn't appeared in at this point? Well, now he's on this show playing a character called Canton Everett Delaware III and his first scene involves him unwisely cornering River Song of all people. Doesn't he know that River knows how to get out of tight spots already?

So far this is the only picture of Rory (Arthur Darvill), so hopefully we'll see some of the Doctor and Amy pretty soon. Details on what the actual storyline for this US based two-parter (with five days of the 26 actually being shot in Utah) are still unconfirmed. However apart from Mark Shephard, other cast in this episode include Peter Banks as Dr Shephard as well as Kerry Shale, Alex Giannini and Kieran O'Connor as a guard.

Overhead dialogue from River and Canton on last night's filming goes as follows ...

Canton: "Stop! Don't move!"
River: "There are loads of them, They're everywhere."
Canton: "America is being invaded!"
River: "America was invaded a long time ago, America is occupied."
[River moves back a little more]
Canton: "Don't move! There's no way out!"
River: [something that sounded like] "Oh really?"

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