Thursday, October 07, 2010

Doctor Who - Series 5 DVD Full Details

A look at the cover of Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series above as the rest of the article details the imminent release.

With the release a month away, it's high time that the DVD extras for Doctor Who's fifth series were revealed and today that's exactly what we got. On November 8th, along with the 13 episodes from Series 5, you can expect a host of new stuff.

This stuff includes the Meanwhile In The TARDIS scenes (one set between The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below and the other between Flesh And Stone and The Vampires Of Venice) with the Doctor and Amy, videos diaries from Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, four episodes of The Monster Files (covering the likes of Weeping Angels, Daleks and Silurians), 7 and a half minutes of Outtakes, but seemingly no deleted scenes, despite the 11th Doctor DWM special mentioning a lot of them, particularly ones concerning Rory.

Meanwhile the commentaries are as follow - The Eleventh Hour (Steven Moffat/Piers Wenger/Beth Willis), Victory Of The Daleks (Mark Gatiss/Barnaby Edwards/Nick Briggs), The Time Of Angels (Steven Moffat/Karen Gillan), The Vampires Of Venice (Toby Whithouse/Johnny Campbell/Alex Price), Cold Blood (Ashley Way/Alun Raglan/James Dehaviland) and The Big Bang (Karen Gillan/Arthur Darvill/Toby Haynes). Shame there are none from Matt Smith or Alex Kingston or a commentary for Amy's Choice but I intend to add this to my collection.

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