Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday Catch Up

I know I put up a blog two days ago talking about these two shows but I wanted to use this one to talk about their respective third episodes.

Single Father - I liked the third episode arguably more than the first two put together, the pace was somewhat better. Dave pretty much seems to be in a terrible predicament of not knowing if any of the kids he's had with Rita are biologically his and Sarah sensibly got annoyed when Dave admitted that he slept with her after learning of Rita's ongoing contact with Stuart. I don't know if I've just seen Rupert Graves playing so many jerks (excluding Sherlock) over the last few years but I really don't like Stuart all that much and the trailer for the finale suggested that him and Dave are both going to go head to head over custody of Lucy as well. After three well written and interesting episodes, I only hope this mini-series gets the ending it deserves.

Thorne:Sleepyhead - I didn't like this ending as much as I hoped I would've. I think it's because while the reveal of Frank's son being the culprit made sense, it just felt a little too dragged out and Tughan's steadfast hatred of Thorne could become just as irritating as it's potential for further storylines. He knows that Thorne killed Frank and both Phil and James managed not to blab about it - for now. The use of flashbacks and intregrating the characters in them for Frank's murder were done particularly well. That being said, while Allison's ending made more sense here than the book's version, I don't think Anne was as utilised as she was in the first instalments. Still, Scaredy Cat starts on Sunday and Sandra Oh showed some great potential in the ads for it.

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