Monday, October 18, 2010

Glee Does The Time Warp

You didn't think that I wasn't going to do a preview of THIS Glee episode, did you? There was no way that I wasn't going to discuss this episode.

First of all, the above official poster for this particular episode and if you're lucky to be in the LA area on Thursday, you can go to an exclusive screening of the episode.

I'm pretty fond of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and while Glee might have been forced to take some creative liberties with their take of the popular musical as their fifth episode this year, this still looks fun. Especially when you've got Emma undressing Will during one particular scene. I also like that Will would go for a performance of this for the show's Halloween episode as well. Sometimes his instincts are good.

It seems the biggest liberty extends to Mercedes actually being the Frank N.Furter of the piece, which I'm a little disappointed in. Kurt's also donning the Riff Raff role while Quinn/Santana seem to be both tackling the Magenta role at different points in the episode. I'm not sure that Artie, Mike and Brittany have big roles in this one and Puck isn't in it either. Plus, you've got Sam being Rocky and donning some golden speedos as well.

John Stamos is also back as Carl becomes Eddie in this one and believe me, he looks perfect for the role. His singing in particular is pretty impressive. Though the singing in the episode is a little hit and miss. All the songs have leaked online for this episode and some do work better than others, I'll admit and I'm surprised that Sue and Will seemingly don't have numbers to sing. Oh and both Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf are rumoured for this one.

Tracklisting for this episode is ...

Damnit Janet - Finn/Rachel
Let's Do The Time Warp Again - Cast
Toucha-A-Toucha-A-Toucha-A Touch Me - Emma
Sweet Transvestite - Mercedes
Science Fiction/Double Feature - Tina/Quinn/Santana
There's A Light (Over In Frankeinstein's Place) - Kurt/Rachel/Finn
Hot Patootie - Carl

The episode air on FOX, Tuesday at 9pm from October 26th and will air for Irish viewers on TV3, Wednesday at 8pm from October 27th. Do yourself a favour - watch/rewatch The Rocky Horror Picture Show before watching this episode. It helps.

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