Friday, October 22, 2010

Shameless and Skins US - First Trailers

Well, January 2011 is going to be interesting. Not only will Channel 4 and E4 be air the latest series of the regular editions of Shameless and Skins but both Showtime and MTV will airing their versions around the same time. Trailers for both shows have been released.

Shameless - I'm not sure I'm feeling this version. Sure, I'm aware of the fact that if a network had taken this on, it would've been sanitised to the nth degree but William H. Macy isn't shabby enough to be a convincing Frank Gallagher. However, Emmy Rossum is pretty perfect looking as Fiona (and a bit of a ringer for Anne Marie Duff) and the fact that they've cast age appropriate actors for the respective roles of Lip, Ian, Debbie, Liam and Carl is also a relief and there's also Allison Janney. Still, though it won't be a patch on the UK version, though US viewers can find out from January 9th. More4 will be airing it in the spring of 2011.


Skins - Like Shameless, this version is sticking to the faithfulness of the first season and again, I'm grateful that they've cast people who actually look like teenagers but I'm not sure if I want to see the US version of a character as unmemorable as Mad Twatter. Tea is probably the only real unique selling point about this version and if MTV can somehow not make this come across as a scripted version to Jersey Shore, I'll be even more grateful. Oh and Sid/Cassie in this one are Stanley/Cadie. Plus Jal is Daisy in this one, Anwar is Abbud and Effy is Eura.

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