Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dexter - Season 7 First Look

And with three months to go, the first bits and pieces for the seventh and penultimate season of Dexter has began to surface.

The first poster for the seventh year seems a little simplistic compared to past ones but with the first episode set to deal with Deb finally realising that her brother kills people in his spare time, I'm sure better promo pictures will surface closer to transmission.

In terms of guest stars this season, it seems that Rome actor Ray Stevenson has already been cast as a Russian mobster for Dexter to go toe to toe with but the casting of former Chuck actress, Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah, a mysterious woman who might be more dangerous than she lets on might be the best casting yet. Perhaps she's an evil version of Lumen (I miss Lumen, by the way) but either way, her casting intrigues me the most for this upcoming season.

Season 7 Trailer:

Season 7 of Dexter airs Sundays at 9pm on Showtime from September 30th.


sexta-feira said...

Well, I can't wait! Thanks for all the information!

shawnlunn2002 said...

You're welcome. It does look good, doesn't it?