Saturday, June 30, 2012

Soap Discussion - June 2012

And the last blog of the month and it's a soap one.

Coronation Street: While the fallout from Sunita and Karl's relationship continued to be boring, I did like the somewhat  short lived but oddly amusing rivalry between the former and Eva (still not a great character but less annoying this month) and truce that was forced on them whilst they were dealing with a rat and a health inspector in last night's double bill. A bright spark along with the dancing plot of Norris and Hayley to combat the unusual reunion of Nick and Leanne and subsequent break up of Sean and Marcus as well as Peter handing over his son to his soon to be ex-wife. One of the show's better months.

EastEnders: Michael continued to prove why he's the best villain in Walford with his manipulation of Jean but even he didn't expect Kat to undo him and Janine to go into premature labour during his wedding day. Say whatever you want about Michael but he's one of the most complex and interesting villains the show has produced in a long, long time and contrast it to Derek's bully boy tactics with Lucy and I know which character I find more interesting. Speaking of Derek, I'm still enjoying most of his scenes with Alice and the arrival of Joey should provide some interesting enough conflict as well. As for Abi and Jay breaking up - shame but she's only going to be gone for two months, which is practically five minutes compared to the fact that most of the cast seem to be taking six month breaks nowadays.

Emmerdale: Oh Alicia and David's plot to get married is just so daft that it beggars belief to be honest. I know the writers needed a reason to write the actress out because she's pregnant in real life but couldn't they have come up with something a little better? Speaking of babies, if Debbie's 'miracle child' plot wasn't enough, now we have Nikhil and Gennie expecting a baby and Jai and Charity fighting because the latter doesn't want a child as well as two imminent divorces and the Dingles up to their eyeballs in debt once again as a consequence of Zak's recent behaviour. At least it's been a busy month for the most dangerous village on television.

Hollyoaks: And this show has had it's best month in a long while. Okay, so Brendan practically stalking Ste and Doug isn't a thrilling prospect but in a month where Silas is about to return, Lynsey becomes more of a Miss Marple than usual and Mercedes determination to create conflict between Riley and Mitzeee reached batshit levels of crazy, as well as the further developments of Walker, Sampson and Ally and Carmel's own recent accident and this has actually been an incredibly strong month. As for that shocking death as well in last night's episode, even I didn't see that coming. Nice move, show.

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