Saturday, June 02, 2012

First Look: The Carrie Diaries

Sorry lads, just when you thought the Sex And The City franchise was finally dead, the CW had to go and get one of Candace Bushnell's books and make a series where the younger Carrie in the 1980s first moves to New York to start her journalism career with a host of not Miranda/Samantha/Charlotte's in the form of a few vapid airhead-y friends, a closeted gay guy and Freema Agyeman playing fashionista, Larissa, who from this trailer alone looks like the only character worth giving a fig about.

To be fair if you didn't know this was a prequel to Sex And The City, you'd basically think it was an 80s version of Gossip Girl  (not so coincidental as Josh Schwartz is one of the creators of this show along with Stephanie Savage). Anna Sophia Robb seems like she could be a decent take on Carrie but my advice when watching this is to keep your expectations low and you won't be that disappointed. Then again, maybe the CW just accidentally released a crap trailer and the show will be a gem. Somehow though, I doubt it. Still, I'll give it a few episodes before totally writing it off.

Press Release:

The Carrie Diaries will air on the CW from September. Expect either E4 or SkyLiving to get this one.

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