Friday, June 22, 2012

Dexter - Season 7 Truth Brings Light Trailer

It's what I am. It's all I am. I can accept that ... but can she?

It's amazing that seven seasons in and Dexter can still come up with fascinating concept trailers in order to whet viewers appetites for the upcoming season. This time around it's another gorgeous thematic one focusing on 'Truth Brings Light' as Deb is now privy to what her brother really gets up to. Showtime, once again, you've outdone yourself. Looking forward to the new season even more now.

Season 7 - Truth Brings Light Trailer:

Dexter Season 7 airs Sundays 9pm on Showtime from September 30th.


sexta-feira said...

Nice! I trust Deb, I think she will side with Dexter! What do you think?

shawnlunn2002 said...

I think she'll ultimately side with Dexter too but I can't imagine it will be easy for Deb, given her strong moral compass.

Can't wait to see this though.