Friday, June 01, 2012

First Look: Switch

Well, it's about time ITV2 got into the game. With BBC3 providing us Being Human (and for a short while, The Fades) and E4 riding high with Misfits, ITV2 have decided to give us a modern day show centering on a coven of witches in London in the form of six part series, Switch.

The show stars Lacey Turner as career woman, Stella, Nina Touissant-White as fashionista Jude, moral compass Grace played by Phoebe Fox and Hannah Tointon as the restless and spontaneous Hannah, otherwise known as the Witches of Camden, who when they're not facing every day challenges, also have to deal with a rival coven in the shape of the Witches of Kensington, comprising of rival witches Alexa, India, Remy and Romola.

On the surface, the show does very much sound like a mash-up of Charmed and Being Human (Touchpaper who produce the latter are working on this show as is Philip Trethowan) but there are some interesting bits of information that have been revealed about the six part series.

For instance, the word 'switch' is codeword for the girls doing a spell, which they can only do together and each of the girls is born under a specific element - earth, water, fire and air. Caroline Quentin will also be appearing in an episode, playing the hippy mother of Grace while Stella's nightmare ex-girlfriend, played Rosamund Hanson will also be appearing on the show as well.

Switch could be a nice little success story or bloody disaster area but right now, it does sound rather good and with an emphasis on the girls friendship and lighter/pacier tone compared to Being Human, it's going to be interesting to see how the show actually fares.

Press Release:

Switch airs on ITV2 from October.

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