Thursday, June 28, 2012

Doctor Who - Series 7 Guest Stars/Titles Updates

And we have some updates on the latest of Series 7 of Doctor Who ...

While the title has been mentioned for a while online, the BBC have finally confirmed that episode 1 of Series 7 will in fact be called Asylum Of The Daleks. Executive producer Caroline Skinner has also teased that whatever we think we know about the Daleks, this episode will challenge that. Personally, I can't wait to see what Moffat does with a load of Daleks at his disposal and considering that it's going to be an interesting episode for Amy/Rory as well, this could be a cracking way of opening the new season.

Elsewhere, while both Dougray Scott and Jessica Raine (from Call The Midwife) have been confirmed for Neil Cross's episode, Mark Gatiss's episode will boast the likes of David Warner (Titanic) and Liam Cunningham (Game Of Thrones). Mark's episode will be a historical setting one too and the second episode being filmed to feature Jenna-Louise Coleman's character.

And usually I don't mention audio stuff but as an Irish person, I am delighted that after 49 years (and Aussie/US/alien/robot dog companions) that Big Finish have given the Eighth Doctor an Irish companion called Molly O'Sullivan and played by the excellent Ruth Bradley (Primeval, Love/Hate, Titanic). Apparently Molly is a WW1 voluntary Aid Division nursing assistant that Eight meets and will be featured in the audios - The Great War, Fugitives, The Tangled Web and X And The Daleks as part of a Dark Eyes boxset, due for release in November. The set will also feature guest appearances from Nick Briggs, Peter Egan and Toby Jones to name a few. Yay, an Irish companion at long last.

Dalek News:

Series 7 of Doctor Who is rumoured to be airing on BBC1 from late August.

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