Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Lady Is A Vamp

Okay, this one is a little shorter than usual but I've been catching up on other things ...

Bedlam: I have to be honest, I wasn't that enamoured with the first series, so I wasn't too broken up by the idea of an entire new cast for the second run and so far, it's looking pretty good. Ellie and Max are a somewhat better ghost busting duo compared to Jed and Ryan and while Kate, Kiera and Dan are pretty forgettable as characters, Warren is improving and the fact that's there's a continued mystery with that block at Bedlam and Ellie and a mystery man with a tattoo on the back of his head, this might actually be a lot more watchable now.

Game Of Thrones: What a way to end this season. The last two episodes were some of the best television I've seen so far this year. The fight at Blackwater coupled with defining character moments for Cersei, Joffrey, Sansa, the Hound, Tyrion and Shae was one thing but the finale with Daenerys trip into the House of the Undying, Jon winning Ygritte's confidence, Maergerys making her moves into power and the arrival of the White Walkers - all I can say is that after a few little hiccups, this season was every bit as compelling as the first one and certainly has left me wanting more.

Hit & Miss: Well, it certainly lives up to it's title alright. It's definitely been interesting to see Mia balance killing people for a living and trying to raise a family that one minute seem warm to her and then the next minute are treating her with disdain. However I do wish the show would find some way of getting rid of John. Having to see him sleeping with Riley and getting her pregnant was not a plot I particularly wanted to see and while I'm glad Ben did have a believable reaction to learning about Mia being a pre-op transsexual but I'm starting to think that Eddie isn't as friendly as he seems and I'd like some answers to that man who keeps watching the farm as well.

The Vampire Diaries: Despite finding Klaus utterly annoying in places, this has been a wonderful season to watch and the ending was certainly unexpected. I know the books turned Elena into a vampire but I thought the series would either avoid it altogether or wait until the last ever episode to do so. Still, it should make for a great dynamic next season but can we please get some new villains? I didn't like that we ended up with Bonnie storing Klaus in Tyler's body to save her friends from all being killed. It's the one important thing the show desperately needs now.

- It seems that Gugu Mbatha-Raw may not be returning for the second season of Touch.
- Production on the third season of the US version of Being Human has begun with Kristen Hager to return as series regular as Nora.
- ITV viewers can finally watch the fifth series of Primeval from Saturday at 6pm.
- Valerie Cruz will play Major Joy Mendez, a military officer who interacts with Carrie in the second season of Homeland.
- Spartacus's upcoming third season will be it's last one according to Starz.
- Jorge Garcia and Maggie Grace will be reunited in an upcoming episode of Californication.
- Victor Webster will be in an upcoming episode of White Collar.
- Catherine Tate is set to become a regular in the upcoming ninth season of The Office.

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