Thursday, June 14, 2012

K9 - Series 2 Development

The Sarah Jane Adventures may no longer be with us and Torchwood may be stuck in some kind of limbo (I wish RTD/BBC would put us out of our misery and confirm something on that show's future) but it seems that the Australian filmed K9 series will actually be coming back for a second series after all, despite it being nearly two years since the first one aired.

According to producer Paul Tams, both him and Bob Baker are entering a new partnership as the show heads into production. Once again, there'll be 26 half hour episodes with the original cast again and K9 himself has been tweaked, following some criticism from fans on how the robot dog looked in the first series.

The first series wasn't that bad (at some point, I'll do a Series 1 review), so hopefully the second one will be a little tighter in terms of writing and cohesion.

Press Release:

K9's first series is currently available on DVD and will air for Canadian viewers on BBC Kids along with The Sarah Jane Adventures from September.

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