Friday, November 01, 2013

The Month Of The Time Lord

It's November and while it's the increasingly speedy build up towards Christmas, it's also the month of an anniversary of a certain show as well.

Yes, Doctor Who will finally hit it's 50th anniversary on the 23rd of November with the 76 minute episode, The Day Of The Doctor and while a trailer has yet to materialise (one is rumoured for November 9th), the question is - have the BBC and Steven Moffat done enough for the anniversary? Personally I think so for the most part. The promotion is coming now and spread out over six channels and three radio stations, we are getting the anniversary episode, biopics and documentaries on all of the Doctors (Watch have currently been airing the Revisited things along with a certain story for each Doctor since October 12th). While I do think we should've gotten a full series this year and the Comic-Con trailer earlier, I don't really feel the show has been ignored either. Contrary to what some more vocal fans have been saying on the usual places for the last few months.

Plus, the likes of SFX have done some interviews with Steven Moffat in their latest issue, The Guardian did an excellent photoshoot with 13 companion actresses a few weeks ago and the latest issue of Gay Times have interviews with Matt Smith, David Tennant, Mark Gatiss, Matthew Waterhouse, Kate O'Mara and Sheila Hancock to name a few and we've had the recent story of episodes such as The Web of Fear and The Enemy Of The World found at last (along with rumours of more episodes being found). I guess what I'm trying to say is that now we're into the month of November, it really does feel like the celebrations are underway for the 50th anniversary and perhaps at the right pace too.

BBC Press News:

Doctor Who - The Day Of The Doctor will air on November 23rd on BBC1 while An Adventure In Space And Time will also air this month on BBC2. Series 7 is currently available on DVD.

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