Friday, December 13, 2013

Misfits - Season 5 Review

A few months prior, this show's BBC3 counterpart, Being Human came to an end after five series so when E4 announced that Series 5 would be the last for Misfits, I don't think anyone was really shocked by the news. Some thoughts on the final eight installments then and yes, there are spoilers.

Episode 1: Something of a ropey opening episode with Alex gaining one of the most inappropriate (but actively used throughout this final run) powers of the bunch - fucking someone's powers out of them. Add a subplot about Finn getting possessed by Beelzebub and it's business as usual for the gang.

Episode 2: We finally get to meet Rudy's parents and his father is something of a prize pillock. Of course, we soon find out that father and son have more in common and when the strands of another superhero aren't being sown with fly guy Sam's introduction, Rudy is also developing feelings for Jess.

Episode 3: Abby's mystery finally got solved when we learned how exactly she came to be and her connection to Laura while Greg's sexuality is made abundantly clear to Finn in a way that's nothing short of creepy, even by this show's standards.

Episode 4: A good episode focusing on Rudy Two becoming more of his own person and also the one that introduced electro girl/electrician Helen into the mix as well as her and Rudy Two start to connect with each other.

Episode 5: Finn gets his own stalker when Rudy takes him to the support group to get over Jess. As episodes go, it was probably one of the weaker ones, while the prime Rudy continues to get closer to Jess at the same time.

Episode 6: The episode introduced camouflage girl Karen and had plot where a dying guy kept sucking the life out of others, including Finn at one point in the episode. The better plot involved a lesbian gypsy placing a curse on Alex though.

Episode 7: This episode marked the first year of the storm by having a predictably disastrous party at the community centre. A party where Greg danced like a loon, Rudy/Jess had relationship difficulties, Sam/Helen/Karen banded together and a potential love interest for Alex went psycho and murdered the turtle of Abby's that briefly became human.

Episode 8: A bit of a timey-wimey series finale, mainly focusing on Jess having to prevent things from going pear shaped while dealing with a pregnancy from an encounter with an obsessive man named Luke. Something of a low key episode, the last scene did hint at something interesting that we might never get to see on screen though. Oh and Sam/Helen/Karen got a little murderous as well.

Overall, a pretty solid enough final series. The show's best days really were gone and they were times when the gang could grate (Finn mainly and Alex to an extent) but at the same time, there were some great ideas executed well enough and the final episode rounded things fine enough for the show.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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