Friday, December 20, 2013

Three Ghosts

It's been a while since I last did this one, so any show I miss out on is probably one that I need to catch up with (namely Sleepy Hollow at the moment).

Arrow: Wow, the last two episodes that formed the mid-season finale/winter ending were brilliant, weren't they? The show has gone from being a great watch to being rather unmissable and the latest twist with Slade was another good one but more to the point - Barry Allen. Immediately in two episodes, he won me over and I can't wait to see him return and to see him in action as the Flash. Oh and it's also amazing that it took Oliver 32 episodes to invest in a mask as well. Better late than never I suppose.

Bad Education: Every now and then, BBC3 award one of their comedy shows a Christmas special. Last year, it was Him & Her and this year, it was Bad Education's turn (as well as Bluestone 42) and let's just say, it was certainly a fun episode alright. The Robocracker production aside, I don't think I'm ever going to look at donkeys again thanks to this one. Oh and Frances Barber was a hoot as Alfie's mother, though a little underused.

Devious Maids: This show is moving along rather nicely but I am eager for the Flora mystery to be over and done with now. I like that it's taken a few twists and turns and I've certainly enjoyed seeing Marisol and Rosie working together as well but some of the more interpersonal stuff is a lot more interesting like Alejandro's love, Odessa's recovery and anything involving Peri and the Powells as well. At least with two episodes left, we should probably get the answer to who actually bumped off Flora then.

Glee: This show and Christmas episodes have been a distinct mixed bag. However this was the best one going, especially given that the show's cheesiness during the holidays was slightly dialed down and there was an equal emphasis on both McKinley and New York for good measure. The New York stuff was still the best and I can't help hoping that Rough Trade Santa, Cody crops up in a later episode.

Homeland: I've been dipping in and out of the season because much as I hate to admit it, the show is no longer holding my interest. The finale however was probably one of the better episodes they've done in a while but the decision to kill off Brody is either one that could rejuvenate the show next season or blow up spectacularly in the writers faces. I just hope that whatever the outcome is that the show and Showtime are smart enough not to attempt to take this show to eight seasons like they did with Weeds and Dexter.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: I still think this show could benefit from Arrow at times but I did enjoy the mid-season finale nonetheless. It's just that after ten episodes and despite some interesting moments with recurring characters like Mike and Rayna and Coulson being handed over to the baddies, it's hard to deny that the show is still lacking something. Still the mid-season finale gave me some hope that things might get more interesting when it returns in 2014 though.

Misfits: It's been over a week since the last episode aired and I have to admit, I think it was a good way of ending things. We got some elements of timey-wimey, gross out humour, Greg finally admitting he was gay (and being marginally less creepy for a bit), the jumper gang becoming corrupt and our gang actually/possibly becoming actual heroes. Honestly, I really think this show ended a lot better than I expected it to.

Once Upon A Time: What a brilliant episode. I said somewhere else online that if the last minute didn't happen, this easily could've been a series finale. It had tonnes of tension, brilliant character moments, heartfelt sacrifices from both Regina and Gold, finally got rid of Pan and Storybrooke in one fell swoop. Of course, I'm glad the show is coming back next year, especially now that I know who Rebecca Mader is playing but overall, had this been an actual series finale, it would've been superb.

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