Wednesday, December 04, 2013

My Review of Wizards Vs. Aliens 2x06: "Endless Night"

Written by Phil Ford
Directed by Joss Agnew

Ursula: "This won't just be a war between wizards and aliens, Tom. This will be a war like no other."

Actually this was more of a prelude to a war that the trailer for the finale showed looked suitably epic. It was also a story where the Nekross actually had a decent that was hampered in the last minute. More to the point - some actual continuity and fall out for Tom and Lexi and the life they had made for each other in the Neverside.

I'm glad the show actually had the both of them remember they had a son and more to the point, I'm glad that it seems that Lexi has started to side with Tom as well. Back in the first series, she wouldn't have been that bothered about her father wanting to extract his magic raw. Here she very much was bothered and I have a feeling that she might end up helping Tom in the finale next week. Even Varg could see her feelings for Tom shifting in this episode.

As for the moon blocking the sun and putting the wizards in a vulnerable position - I do think it was nicely handled but more from the perspectives of giving Benny's parents and Katie and Quinn a tiny bit more to do. It really didn't take Benny too long to suss out that the stones from last series were key to scuppering the Nekross's latest plot.

As for the creepy stones - very apocalyptic, right? It does seem like instead of actually teasing some danger, the show might actually show some legitimate danger instead. I'm probably asking for too much here but aside from one casualty I can see coming a mile off, can we please be a Nekross or two down for next series?

- I'm not shocked that Benny seems to come from a family of star gazers but it was nice to see this story try and flesh out his parents though.
- Katie wants to see the Northern Lights - snap! Quinn wanting to be newspaper photographer was interesting too.
- Lexi shifted into human mode briefly and Tom referred to her as Lucy as well.
- I think Randall Moon being affected by the moon shifting was overdone a little. I did like that the stones were voiced by Gabriel 'Sutekh/the Beast' Woolf as well.

Overall a great story. Not as thrilling as the previous one and definitely more of a set piece for the finale but pretty entertaining nonetheless though.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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