Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Review of Wizards Vs. Aliens 2x07: "All Out War"

Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Joss Agnew

Tom (to Varg): "The wizards won."

Well, they certainly got as close to properly winning against the Nekross as we've seen them do for a while now. As a finale, this was certainly a superb one and in some respects, almost could serve as a series finale if the show has the misfortune of not getting picked up for a third series as well.

I liked that after weeks of scheming together that both Jathro and Kooth finally pitted Varg and Lexi against each other to try and take out Tom and his friends while at the same time, declaring open season on the royal family themselves. My only disappointment is despite some brilliant moments, both Varg and the Nekross King lived to see another day. After all, if this story could find a satisfying of bringing Lexi to an end, there's no real reason to keep them on either.

Getting to the Lexi bit - did anyone not expect her to turn human and live with Benny Jr? As soon as Tom became all Bad Wolf/consumed the 'salute'/raw magic, her fate was practically sealed and she had already chosen Tom over her family as well. While it's a shame to perhaps lose Lexi as a character, this was a great and dignified way of exiting her from the series.

As for Benny - I kind of had an inkling that he might be gay but even I was surprised when he outright admitted in front of Tom. I know the CBBC intended to have Luke come out during The Sarah Jane Adventures but I'm pleased it happened here as well. It was a beautifully written and acted moment and everyone involved should be involved for the way it was handled as well.

- We had another misguided bunch of wizards (Bizme and her family) being forced to help Varg with his plans to destroy Tom once and for all.
- Ursula, well I was convinced that she was going to die but I'm actually glad she didn't, even if was a bit of a copout how she survived the explosion of the chamber.
- Perhaps in least surprising news, we found out that Kooth and Jathro were mother and son. Kooth also ended up being eaten by the Nekross King as well.
- No Katie or Quinn in this story. What are the odd both of them will be love interests for Tom and Benny next series?

Personally, I thought that was an excellent finale. Series 2 has certainly been something of an improvement and if the show is picked up for a third run, it could easily be the best we've got. Though I still think the Nekross need scrapping as main antagonists though.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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