Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 3x09: "Surrender"

Written by Joe Fazzio
Directed by Jennifer Getzinger

Victoria (to Emily, re Nolan): “He’s welcome to my spot. I won’t be in attendance.”

Aww, just when Emily thought everything was going swimmingly, Victoria managed to pull off the ultimate act of thwarting her plans by refusing to show up to the wedding. I wouldn’t worry though – I’m sure Emily will still conjure up some way to make sure that Victoria is framed for murder. She only has another day to make sure her plans come to fruition after all.

Victoria deciding not to come to Emily and Daniel's wedding might possibly mean that Charlotte’s words about not causing Daniel any more grief might have had an affect but I can’t help thinking that Victoria is probably just trying to come up with one last ditch attempt to stop the wedding of the year.

After all, she was pretty sceptical about Emily’s pregnancy and didn’t exactly hold back in her words with Conrad and Daniel about Emily’s scheming as well. At this point, I really can’t see Victoria rolling over and admitting defeat, so I’m going to assume that she’s up to something until the next episode proves otherwise.

However the big plot of this episode mainly centred on Lydia’s return to the Hamptons and the fact that her history with the Graysons and Emily clearly hasn’t taught her a single thing. Margaux advised her to be discreet and Lydia not only went to antagonise both Emily and Victoria but it also took her very little time to be won over by Conrad as well.

I’m surprised that Conrad hadn’t been aware of Lydia surviving that plane crash and while a part of me isn’t convinced he loves her, I do think his delight in seeing her alive was sincere enough though. However if Lydia starts making trouble for him, I don’t doubt he’ll try and get her out of the way for a third time though.

Of course the only smart thing Lydia managed to do in this episode was find that picture of Emily from the New Year’s Eve but I wouldn’t bank on her getting to use it though. Mainly because I’m pretty sure that she’ll end up being the one who scuppers Emily’s frame up by shooting her in next week’s winter finale.

Speaking of the would be shooting, it’s nice to see that Emily and Aiden were getting the final pieces together and the proposal scene was actually quite nice too. I don’t know if Emily and Aiden can realistically live a happy life together. I’d like to see them do it but you just know that this show is going to end with her either with Jack or alone altogether.

Speaking of Jack – I kind of admired the underhanded way in which he got Margaux to drop the story on Conrad and even Nolan’s contribution to it. However, I preferred that he was honest enough to tell her about what happened with Amanda and Declan as well. I have to say that while Jack can still be polarising at times, I do like him with Margaux but the latter in general has gotten a lot more interesting as a character anyways.

Also in “Surrender”

The wedding shoot scene with Emily and Daniel at the start was delightfully cheesy and a tiny bit creepy as well.

Victoria (re Daniel): “I was showing him the truth.”
Conrad: “Just let him be. Your other son became a murderer after only six months with you. The time has come for you to stop this foolish interfering.”

Predictably enough, Daniel broke things off with Sara after she found out for herself that Emily was pregnant.

Emily: “Lydia?”
Lydia: “Don’t just stand there, zip me up.”

Emily: “Sorry, Victoria I didn’t want you to find out this but you’re going to be a grandmother.”

I found Lydia’s little shove to Emily pretty hysterical but it was a great way of Emily using the situation to her advantage nonetheless though.

Conrad: “You look like no time has passed.”
Lydia: “I’m not falling for this. We were engaged, Conrad and you sent me to my death.”

Lydia (re Conrad): “He’s not the man I remembered.”
Margaux: “Are you playing me to reunite with an old flame? You’re of no use to me if I can’t trust you. Consider our arrangement terminated.”

Standout music: Shout Out Louds “Walking In Your Footsteps”.

Aiden: “Amanda Clarke, will you marry me?”
Emily: “Yes.”

Chronology: Pretty much August time at this point in the Hamptons, the day before the events of “Fear” and “Exodus”.

Overall, a strong episode with some fun moments. Lydia’s return certainly had it’s highlights in “Surrender” and will be interesting to see if she’s the one who actually shoots Emily. However, there could easily be another surprise in that one.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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