Thursday, January 09, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks

After a month's break, we're back for the final four episodes of American Horror Story: Coven and despite the title, this one didn't mince about with the killings.

Written by James Wong
Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Sometimes Meet Your Heroes: With all the mentioning of Stevie Nicks this season, it's not too much of a shock to the system that we finally got an episode to feature her. Although her personality was slightly toned down to fit in with the tone of the episode, I did get a kick of seeing her and Misty fangirling each other and Misty's faith in Stevie when Madison tried to use the woman's lyrics in a negative light was pretty great too. The final moment where Stevie was singing to Fiona was also a great way of closing the episode too. As for Misty, that little stunt Madison pulled better not be the end of her. Madison doesn't deserve to be the Supreme.

Just Name Her Already: I know there's three episode left but given how the lack of identity of the Supreme is turning these girls into monsters and murderers, perhaps it should be revealed who it is and fast. Both Nan and Madison seem a little too adamant that they're next in line after Fiona and both of them resorted to murder this week. I might not have been greatly sympathetic towards Joan getting killed by Nan (she did murder her own son, after all) but I'm still a lot pissed if Madison succeeded in bumping off Misty. However, at least one of these two have been ruled out that for Supreme.

The Best Of Frenemies: If there's anything worse than Fiona and Marie being enemies, it's seeing the two of them bonding together. Marie not only put her differences aside with the Coven but she informed her of her involvement with Hank, told Fiona about the price of her immortality and more disturbingly, banded together with Fiona to drown Nan in a bath in order to sate Papa Legba (Lance Reddick). Basically everyone left in that coven is royally fucked now that these two are the best of friends.

Papa's Coming For You: Keeping up with this season's not so positive portrayal of the male species (Kyle/Luke excluded of course), the scary as hell Papa Lagba was revealed as the reason for Marie being alive all these years. All she has to do is give him an innocent soul a year to keep their end of the bargin but it seems that instead of slaughtering another child, she just helped to kill Nan this time around. I did laugh at the bit where Fiona tried to make a deal and Papa pointed out that she didn't have a soul. I don't think that surprised anyone really. Still, Fiona and Marie as a team has becoming a frightening prospect very quickly, even by this show's rather whiplash style standards.

Everything Else: Aside from the major plot points, we still don't know whether or not Queenie survived blowing Hank Foxx/Henry Renard's head off, we had Fiona and Marie cause some havoc for the corporation, Cordelia largely doubting/feeling sorry for herself with Myrtle not being able to comfort her, Zoe mostly reacting to things, Madison no longer having a heart murmur, Nan's powers growing prior to her death while both Kyle and LaLaurie were suspiciously absent from proceedings as well. Thankfully there was enough stuff going on that neither character was really missed.

Next week, Nan gets buried and both Marie and Axeman tell Fiona to take out the next Supreme while Cordelia has to make a sacrifice of her own.

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