Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - Go To Hell

No-one gets away with sin. Eventually everybody pays. Everybody suffers - those are some grim words there for you but as this episode went on to prove, Papa Legba wasn't lying about those getting their just desserts.

Written by Jessica Sharzer
Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Makeover Time: All season I've praised Kathy Bates for playing such a horrible piece of work as Delphine LaLaurie and while her fate seemed pretty obvious in this episode, it didn't stop LaLaurie for going out on a 'high' as such either. Before getting her just desserts, she hacked Marie to pieces, reclaimed her home (after nearly killing the tour guide) and then gloated over things with Queenie as well. All season long, LaLaurie has been overdue a decent comeuppance and this episode more than made up for it.

Time To Pay The Price: And LaLaurie's fate ended up being trapped in her own home for all of eternity watching as Marie tortured the living daylights out of her daughters, which also ended up being a punishment for Marie too. Legba certainly made sure that the both of them suffered and all because Queenie wanted to rescue Marie and ultimately stop LaLaurie. By doing that, she effectively damned them both and going by Legba's cryptic comments at the end, how long will it be before everyone else pays the price too for their sins? Even Queenie sealed her own fate by reaching out to this bloke.

Why Am I Here?: This episode was actually one of the best ones for Queenie so far. Not only was she pro-active for a change but a lot less whiny as well. I did like her educating Fiona on Papa Legba, helping Cordelia retrieve Misty from the cemetery and generally finishing off both Marie and LaLaurie's respective character arcs as well. Overall, a great one for Queenie.

Supremely Dead Now: With both Marie and LaLaurie getting their respective comeuppances, the biggest shock was that Fiona actually did too. I knew her relationship with the Axeman would end violently but I assumed that it would be him dying at her hands rather than the other way around. I have zero sympathy for Fiona and her death was pretty deserved too. To be fair, Fiona pretty much had it coming and it's nice to see this show's general affection for Jessica Lange not get in the way of Fiona actually getting her comeuppance for once. After all, if she hadn't been killed, she would've bumped off the rest of the coven in order to maintain her Supremacy status.

The Coven That Slays Together: Probably should stay together as well. Now, this was a great episode for the Coven as a whole. Fiona was taken out of the picture, distractions like LaLaurie/Marie were gone, no Witch hunters posed a threat and they all banded together to pretty much kill the Axeman quite epically as well. However the highlight of the episode, apart from Cordelia orchestrating her own mother's downfall was seeing Misty knocking seven shades of crap out of Madison. Now that was supremely entertaining to watch but if next week's finale doesn't finally answer who the next Supreme is, then it will be a bad way to end the series.

 Next week, it's finale time and hopefully an answer as to whom the next Supreme is too.

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