Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gotham/Batman Vs. Superman - Update/Casting Rumours

It's been a while since I've discussed anything Batman related (been currently buying/watching some of The Animated Series over the last while on DVD) but there has been some interesting developments though in this particular universe.

First of all, Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6) has been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie (which we're going to have to wait even longer for now). Like I've said before, this is looking less like a sequel to Man Of Steel and more a thinly veiled Justice League movie but given the troubles both the big and small screen have had in recent years to get this particular heroine onscreen, perhaps this is a turnaround of sorts. Elsewhere there were rumours that Girls actor Adam Driver was in in the running for Nightwing but the actor has denied this since. The movie however, which was meant to appear in 2015 has now been pushed to May 2016 instead.

Less confirmed however is Sons Of Anarchy actor Donal Logue playing the role of Detective Jim Gordon in the upcoming FOX series, Gotham. So far the actor has denied his involvement in the project but it has been confirmed that casting for a ten year old version of Bruce Wayne will be happening as well as backstories for some of the city's legendary of villains. it will also (not surprisingly) take some inspiration from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

Meanwhile, the 1966 Batman TV series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward as the caped crusader and the boy wonder will also be getting a DVD release this year as well. While an official date has yet to be properly confirmed, we can thank Conan O'Brien for leaking that the series will be finally getting released. I just hope we get more concrete details on this soon. I definitely want to own this version of the Dark Knight on DVD.

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I'll keep you updated with any further Batman movie/television news as well as some reviews over the next while, folks.

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