Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Looking For The Right Show

And here's a look at some of the shows I've been watching the last while.

Broadchurch: It might seem unusual talking about this show, nearly a year since it's original transmission but it's recently aired on Irish television and I thought I'd see what the fuss was really about. Three episodes in and it's not bad. It's not hard to feel for the Latimers, given that their son has been murdered and the double act with the more straitlaced Ellie Millers and the abrasive Alec Hardy works well enough with both Olivia Colman and David Tennant on fine form and there's a good mix of characters within the community as well to add to things. That being said, it's not particularly original and it's influences (The Killing, anyone?) are a bit too obvious at times. I will watch the remaining five episodes, despite already know who the killer actually is.

Devious Maids: I caught the final two episodes a while ago and forgot to mention them in my previous TV jumble blog. Overall, I've enjoyed this series as much as I did Desperate Housewives not so long ago. The reveal and wrap up of Flora's murder mystery, coupled with Rosie winding up into some legal bother thanks to a vengeful Peri means the show at least has some good plotlines for the second season but I do hope that like it's predecessor, Lifetime doesn't try to extend this show beyond it's natural life.

Girls: If there was an award for polarising show with often awful female characters, this show would always win it. Lena Dunham's baby is back for a third season and while I've mostly liked the first three episodes, not a whole lot has really changed. Hannah's still self absorbed as ever, Marnie is still a whinger (lovely singing voice aside), Shoshanna's still terminally annoying in her female Sheldon style way and Jessa's still a raging sociopath. Business as usual, along with Ray being a background character (minus a piss poor fight scene with Hannah's editor) and Adam being slightly less crazy than in previous seasons. On the plus side, the show can still attract decent guest stars with both Richard E.Grant and Rita Wilson popping up in the first two episodes and being somewhat more interesting than the main characters.

Looking: I've been somewhat unfairly comparing this show to Girls more than Queer As Folk and after watching the first episode, I probably should knock that right off. For one thing - all three main characters - lovelorn Patrick and his friends Agustin and Dom are a hell of a lot more likeable than Hannah and company and while this series isn't particularly groundbreaking, it was something of a breath of fresh air to watch as well. Patrick's quest for love is certainly a nice draw and Jonathan Groff makes for a likeable leading man but while Patrick is instantly likeable, I do think both Agustin and Dom might arguably overshadow him as the series progresses though. Definitely one I'll be watching for the remainder of the season.

The Musketeers: Anyone else think it's a bit weird this show is airing in a Sunday 9pm timeslot? Despite the fact that it's doing well there, rating wise, it seems more like it should be in the same Saturday slot previously occupied by Doctor Who/Robin Hood/Merlin/Atlantis etc. Having watched the first two episodes, so far it's pretty decent if not spectacular stuff. The four leads are likeable and engaging enough as the Musketeers in question and Peter Capaldi makes for a decent antagonist with his take on Cardinal Richelieu. Watchable stuff but not mind blowing. At least not yet anyways.

The Spoils of Babylon: I watched the first two episodes of this miniseries and I've got to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I really want to continue beyond that. I don't mind the spoofy nature of the show but there are times when it's a a bit jarring and I'm not sure if I want to care about the 'love' story between 'siblings' Devon and Cynthia Morehouse, despite some great performances from Toby Maguire and Kristen Wiig. Maybe the next few episodes will keep me glued but somehow I doubt it.

- John Simm, James Fraim and Mira Sorvino will be starring in the upcoming BBCAmerica drama, Intruders.
- Rose McGowen will reprise the role of Cora for the 18th episode of Once Upon A Time's third season.
- Danielle Panabaker and Rick Cosnett have signed on for The Flash.
- Starz have ordered ballet drama, Flesh And Bone, starring Sarah Hay in the lead role of Claire.
- J. August Richards's Mike will be transformed into Deathlok in an upcoming episode of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
- Family Tree and Hello Ladies have been axed by HBO.
- PBS will not move Downton Abbey's transmission closer to the UK's.
- Episode 20 of Supernatural's ninth season will serve as a backdoor for a spin-off series. Jared Padalecki has described it as a reward for the show's more passionate fans.

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