Thursday, January 30, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - The Seven Wonders

After 13 weeks and over four months, the last episode of American Horror Story: Coven aired and well, expect a positive review, folks.

Written by Douglas Petrie
Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Always Open With A Song: Like many, I enjoyed Stevie Nicks appearing a few episodes back and it was nice that she opened this episode by singing The Seven Wonders in the house as Zoe, Madison, Queenie and Misty were psyching themselves up for battle. This show might not be Glee (and nor would I want it to be), but this was a fun way of opening up the episode and it was also gorgeously shot moment as well. Definitely one of a few choice scenes I wanted to rewatch over and over again.

And The Next Supreme Is: Cordelia Foxx/Goode. While I wanted it to be Misty, it kind of made sense that Cordy would end up being the next Supreme and it certainly explained a lot of the messed up dynamic both her and Fiona had as well. What I liked though was that Cordelia appointed both Zoe and Queenie as her council members, outed the existence of witches, appointed Kyle as the butler, respected Myrtle's wishes and showed more compassion to Fiona than she possibly deserved. We might never get to see the full effects but it's clear that unlike her homicidal mother that Cordelia really is going to be a smashing Supreme. Outcome wise, definitely a satisfying one.

Haha: As for Fiona, this episode showed that she actually faked the whole being murdered by the Axeman to smoke out her successor. On the plus side, she did actually die for real after showing some humanity with her successor. Even better was that she's now stuck in her own personal hell by being forever shacked up with the Axeman, while Papa Legba laughs on at her misfortune. Considering that Fiona spent all of this season being a horrible Supreme and a human being, this was a pretty deserved fate for her. That being said, while it might be hell, it also was arguably less severe than what happened to both LaLaurie and Marie in the previous episode.

This Competition Got Bitchy: Before Cordelia's Supremacy was made apparent, we still had Zoe, Misty, Queenie and Madison having to perform most of the Seven Wonders and somewhat suffering for it. Zoe got killed and when Madison refused to bring her back, Kyle killed her in response. Of course, Cordelia ended up saving Zoe but can I say I am extremely pissed off with Misty's exit? How come someone so sweet is now stuck in a place where she has to dissect a frog for eternity? Stating the obvious here, but poor Misty so did not deserve that. It was only thing about the episode that genuinely annoyed me. Zoe and Madison's deaths (even if the former didn't stick) didn't bother me at all though. Misty on the other hand - waahh!

DaVinci Was A Warlock: Quite someone tell Tom Riley - it can be a future plot line for DaVinci's Demons. Of all the random things that Myrtle said all season (and she's said a lot), this one particularly amused me. Joining Madison, Fiona and Misty, Myrtle was another pernament casualty in this episode but one of her volition so that Cordelia's Supremacy wouldn't be tainted with her past misdeeds. Myrtle's death was a little sad but I wasn't too bothered with losing her (sorry but losing Misty saddened/annoyed me more), though she had some great moments in this episode. Plus her genuine motherly love for Cordelia was key in the latter coming into her Supremacy as well, so I'm grateful to Myrtle for that alone. As finales go, this is easily the best one the series has done so far.

Season 3 Finale Ryan Murphy Interview:

It's been a fun series to watch and recap and while Season 4 is months away and rumoured to be set in the 1950s, I'll be reviewing/recapping it as well.

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