Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 3x12: "Endurance"

Written by Sallie Patrick
Directed by Sanford Bookstaver

Emily: “I know it was you, Daniel.”

I have to admit, for the first half of this episode I had a horrible feeling we were going to be going down the old Misery route with Emily as Sheldon and either Victoria or Niko getting a little overenthusiastic in the Annie Wilkes role but suffice to say, this episode took a different turn of events than expected though.

Nolan really must work in mysterious ways because his switcheroo with the Infinity Box happened at a rapid pace, even by this show usual standards. One minute he was feigning intoxication, the next minute he was being knocked out by mummy’s boy Patrick (whom he got his own revenge on later) and then Victoria then believed she was right about Emily being a grifter all along.

Had Victoria been smart, she would’ve used this ‘information’ to get Emily out of the Hamptons straight away. Instead she foolishly chose to gloat and Emily managed to barely regain the upper hand by placing a bounty on Lydia (still not feeling sorry for her) and confront Daniel on the fact that he shot her.

I’m not sure if actually continuing with her sham marriage to Daniel is the way to go forward with her revenge plan now that both Daniel and Victoria are more aware of her devious nature but at least Emily’s motives have gotten that bit more personal for wanting to take the Graysons down once and for all.

I know some people are saying that Emily should be blaming herself for her overcomplicated plan failing on her but Daniel had a choice when he shot her and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be unable to have children because of his callous actions either. The way Daniel is going, I will be genuinely surprised if he makes it out of the season alive. If Aiden and Jack don’t kill him, Emily just might and I wouldn’t honestly blame.

I also didn’t like seeing Victoria gloating about Emily being unable to have children as well. Even for Victoria that was a remarkably low blow and it didn’t help either that Aiden wasn’t as supportive when Emily explained why she had to continue with her revenge against the Graysons now.

Speaking of Aiden – anyone else get the impression that Niko knows he bumped off her father? The way she kept talking about Takeda’s death, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she just re-entered Aiden’s life in order to get back at him. She certainly didn’t seem too concerned with Emily and wasn’t exactly that broken up about learning about their split either. Basically, I think Aiden might have bitten off more than he can chew with Niko.

As a character though, I did like her scenes with Emily and she’s certainly done more in two episodes than Charlotte’s done all season. I just get the feeling that Niko will end up becoming more of a problem to Emily and Aiden than an actual asset to them. Prove me wrong, show.

Keeping with the female characters – this was something of a mixed bag for Margaux. I did like that she believed Jack when he told her about Daniel shooting Emily but at the same time, she also became easily swayed by Emily’s public damning of Lydia as well. I’m not sure where else they can go with the character though unless they actually bring her up to speed with Emily’s agenda with the Graysons but at the moment, there’s also no real reason for them to do that though.

Also in “Endurance”

Nolan dressed as a candy striper to visit Emily is another one of his daft outfits. At the same time, only Nolan can pull that sort of outfit off.

Emily: “Where am I?”
Victoria: “Well, Grayson manor of course. Welcome home.”

I’m guessing Conrad’s interference with Voulez’s latest issue has something to do with trying to help Lydia. He did practically beg Emily to exonerate her as well.

Emily: “Who do you work for?”
Niko: “Just myself and the memory of my father.”

I enjoyed seeing Jack punching Daniel this week but Sara loses points for being so easily won around by the latter as well. She’s as bad as Patrick really.

Conrad: “Your memories will return, Emily and when they do, I suggest you come to me first. You’ve taken two bullets to the stomach. Going forward, I’d watch your back.”

Patrick (re Victoria): “She actually slapped me.”
Nolan: “And you didn’t enjoy it?”

I loved the walkie talkie in the stuffed dog. Was it deliberate that the stuffed dog in question looked like Sammy?

Victoria (to Emily): “Fate can be so cruel.”

Jack: “It wasn’t Lydia who shot Emily, it was Daniel.”
Margaux: “Why would you think that?”
Jack: “I know that because Emily told me.”

Standout music: Anyone know the songs in this episode? I’ve looked online and I can’t seem to find the names of them anywhere.

Emily (to Aiden, re Graysons): “They took my father, my mother, my best friend and now this.”

Chronology: From where “Homecoming” more or less left off.

Certainly a bit better than the previous episode. I do like that there was a consequence for Emily’s shooting but even with “Endurance”, I’m not sure how much of an advantage she’s going to be able to maintain living in Grayson Manor if she doesn’t do something and fast.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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