Friday, January 24, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 3x13: "Hatred"

Written by Gretchen J. Berg And Aaron Harberts
Directed by John Terlesky

Emily (to Daniel): “I’m not doing all of this because I’m a bored housewife. I’m fighting to win you back.”

I apologise for the tardiness of this review but I’ve been ill for the last few days, so I’ve only caught up with this episode and I have to admit, this was something of an odd but brilliant one though.

I liked seeing Emily and Daniel wage war on each other. Daniel thought he had gained the upper hand by rubbing his relationship with Sara in Emily’s face and then firing the staff but aside from that cruel act he had already committed, Emily really managed to outdo him in this episode.

The way Emily managed to take Sara out of the equation was pretty sly but it did the job though. Using Sara’s mother in order to guilt her into ending things with Daniel was an extremely smart move and one that Sara succumbed to pretty easily. Maybe deep down, Sara knew that Daniel just wasn’t worth being disowned by her own mother over.

Of course by doing that, Emily pretty much broke any feelings that Daniel might have had for her. He seemed to have no problem shoving her to a bed after she broke him and Sara up and he proved to be a royal bastard when he gloated about sterilising her as well. It’s really amazing how much the last few episodes have made Daniel into a loathsome piece of work, isn’t it?

As for Emily – this was an odd episode for her. When she wasn’t wreaking psychological warfare on Daniel, she also spent a good while of the episode blacking out as well. Did she hit her head off the pool or is this after effect of being nearly killed by her horrible husband? Either way, it led to a confrontation with Aiden and weirdly enough, Emily waking up in Conrad’s bed of all places in the South Fork Inn.

I don’t believe for a second that Emily and Conrad actually did anything together (though I wouldn’t put it past him to let her believe they did) but it was certainly an odd enough way of ending the episode. Well, there’s that and the arrival of Conrad’s first wife, who aside from some very predictable clashes with Victoria, I’m not all that bothered about getting to know to be honest.

Speaking of Victoria – I think she was actually telling Patrick the truth about being attacked by Jimmy. She might be a manipulator of the highest order but it makes a lot of sense that she would’ve gone to massive lengths to conceal the truth from Patrick for so long until this episode made it impossible for her to keep lying to him anymore.

It’s actually the first time this season that Patrick and Victoria’s bond didn’t seem so creepy but if Patrick can try to kill Conrad for less and even commit a bout of arson in this episode, I think it’s a safe bet that he might end up doing something drastic when he actually does confront his estranged father.

Also in “Hatred”

Margaux had zero hesitation in replacing Daniel with his own father in order to save her company from going bust.

Conrad (to Emily): “When your paramour betrays you as Daniel will, come find me at the South Fork.”

Keeping with Margaux for a bit, it seems that her and Jack are now going to be moving in together as well.

Victoria: “You’re poking a dangerous bear there.”
Daniel: “I can handle it.”
Victoria: “I’m talking about Emily. She’s waging psychological warfare on this family.”

Margaux: “I assume Satan will want the corner office.”
Conrad: “I have no desire to punch a clock, just my boy.”

Niko moved in with Nolan and Aiden this week when she wasn’t cauterizing Emily and figuring out who really killed her father. Perhaps Aiden should’ve just been honest with her.

Victoria (to Patrick): “Don’t let these circumstanced define you in the way they’ve defined me.”

Standout music: Mikky Eko’s “We Must Be Killers” played during the last few minutes of the episode.

Daniel: “Thanks to you, I’m dead inside.”
Emily: “So I am. We did this to each other, Daniel. You took from me, so I took from you. Don’t you see, we belong together?”

Chronology: Some time since “Endurance” has passed.

Definitely one of the more interesting episodes but at the same time, while watching “Hatred”, I just don’t see why Emily doesn’t get out of Grayson Manor and stay with Nolan for the time being. Clearly being in the same house as her enemies clearly isn’t doing her the world of good at the moment.

Rating: 8 out of 10


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better.

I hadn't been looking at the last few episodes. At some point the whole revenge-thing got a bit old, because it is/wasn't going anywhere.

But when I read that Jayne Brook (aka Ma Wandell) was in it, I just HAD to watch and I have to say that I was intrigued again. So maybe I will pick it up again when it comes back.

Not sure though. I'm a bit tired of the fact that all the scheming and plotting isn't going anywhere and I want (Victoria in particular) to find out who Emily really is.

shawnlunn2002 said...

It's been a bit up and down but it seems to be getting better.

Having Daniel be Emily's shooter certainly helped matters.

I agree that Victoria needs to find out about Emily though. It's getting overdue at this rate.