Thursday, January 16, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - Protect The Coven

We're getting closer to the finale and with some faces returning, this was something of a hit and miss episode. Still interesting though.

Written by Jennifer Salt
Directed by Bradley Buecker

Pure Evil: Last week was a LaLaurie free zone, so this episode more than made up for her absence in the worst way possible. I've constantly praised Kathy Bates for her brilliant performance but if Delphine doesn't die a painful death in the finale, I am not gonna be a happy viewer. In this episode we saw her first torture and murder of a black man in 1830 upon moving to New Orleans and in the present day, restored to her horrible self by Queenie (why?), she did the same thing again to an unfortunate gardener while being manipulated by Spalding to take Marie out of the equation. While I don't particularly like Marie, even I don't want to see her being tortured royally by LaLaurie for the remainder of the season either.

A Hero Is She: Poor Cordelia. It has to suck being told by your mother and Queenie (who was a right bitch in this episode) that you're basically useless. Cordelia, taking the advice a little too much to heart then decided her best course of action was to blind herself again so she could get her other sight back. I'm not actually sure if this worked (we didn't see the results) but I am hoping that she comes out on top pretty soon because let's face it, the poor girl's been crapped on a lot this season. Even Lana emerged victorious at times during Asylum whereas Cordelia hasn't had that luxury yet.

Or You Can Die: Papa Legba wasn't joking when he said that Fiona and Marie together were big trouble and along with the Axeman (who finally did something useful), they proved that spectacularly when their meeting with the Corporation resulted in a gruesome (ish) bloodbath. I'm still wondering though how sincere both Fiona and Marie's new found friendship really is and I'm also waiting for the moment where the former's relationship with the Axeman sours as well. Does that make me sound cynical? Nah, not really. They're valid concerns/questions after all.

Don't Break The Boy: Finally the not so thrilling triangle between Zoe/Kyle/Madison came to an end when Kyle made it abundantly clear that it was Zoe he loved and not Madison. Of course, Madison proving that she's as much as a fruitloop as Fiona didn't exactly take the news well and after some coercion from Myrtle (who seriously has gone up in my estimations as a character), Zoe and Kyle did the sensible thing and legged it from the house of doom. Undoubtedly though, something or someone will coax them back and at least Zoe is finally questioning the possibility of being the Supreme as well. Again though, I wish the show would answer that question now. It's been too dragged out at this rate.

Go Myrtle: It's amazing how I've gone from indifference towards Myrtle to actively liking her so much in the space of this whole season but there you go. Aside from some ridiculous OTT moments with the character, she did have some choice moments with Zoe, Cordelia and Fiona this week and I did like her verbal smackdown of Madison as well. As for the rest of the episode - Queenie now also thinks she's the next Supreme, Zoe found out quickly that Fiona and Marie murdered Nan and despite mentioning Misty, no-one made the effort to go and look for her. Thankfully the trailer for next week has given us hope on the swamp goddess front though.

Next week, it looks like Fiona's reign is coming to an end, Queenie goes looking for Marie with hellish consequences and someone else is back too.

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