Friday, May 09, 2014

ABC & CW Pick Ups/Cancellations

It's May and with certain shows ending with their current season finales, both ABC and the CW have announced which shows will be coming back, which ones won't and which ones will be joining them in the fall schedule.

Fans of Agents Of Shield can not only take comfort for knowing that the show will return for a second season but it will also be joined by Agent Carter, a show centering Hayley Atwell's popular character from the Marvel movies. Elsewhere stalwarts at ABC such as Once Upon A Time, Revenge, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family etc have all been renewed for further seasons amongst a slew of new shows that will also be joining the roster as well.

Karen Gillan's Selfie has been one of the new series to be picked up along with the likes of American Crime, Forever, Manhattan Love Story, The Whispers and Galavant to name a few. However shows such as Mixology and Trophy Wif have been axed. Since writing this Nashville's current fate is that it's been renewed for a third season. I can't say that there's many new shows from ABC's schedule that intrigue me, except maybe two perhaps. The rest aren't exactly bowling me over.

As for the CW, the good news is that shows like The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Originals and Arrow were all confirmed a while back for renewals and surprisingly enough the likes of Beauty And The Beast and The 100 have also been renewed as well. Pleasantly though, while Bloodlines was passed over, it seems The Flash will be making his return to television in the fall though.

In terms of axings, both The Carrie Diaries and The Tomorrow People will not be returning for further seasons and mid-season show, Star-Crossed was also dropped from the CW. There are some new shows on the horizons but with titles like Jane the Virgin, The Messengers and iZombie, can you really see any of them being good or going the distance?

Overall, something of a mixed bag really. I'm still surprised the likes of Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural are still on television as both of these shows have had their day but some of the axings are less surprising and not many of the newly commissioned shows are inspiring to be honest. Only Agent Carter and The Flash seem the most tempting and Selfie might be a laugh, despite it's dated sounding premise. At the same time though, it's nice to see some current favourites renewed though.

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