Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Doing The Unthinkable

And here's the second part of my TV jumble blog ....

Arrow: The last three episodes of this season have easily been some of the best the show has produced. It's amazing that in the space of two seasons, this show has gone from good to gripping television and while I kind of wish that Slade had actually been killed off, the finale itself was pretty epic stuff with Thea heading off with Malcolm, Sara rejoining the League of Assassins and all kind of new back story set up for Oliver next season. Plus if you happened to ship two certain characters, this finale kind of indicated something for the third season as well.

Game Of Thrones: We've had something of a tiny lull in proceedings until the last two episodes gave us Tyrion's trial and had Lysa descend from her own moon door, courtesy of Littlefinger. I've enjoyed this season a lot and while we've had some nice character moments - Dany getting the hang of ruling Meereen, Oberyn's sympathy for Tyrion and the double acts of Brienne/Pod and Arya/the Hound, I do feel the show has been a little low on the action but considering what's around the corner, perhaps it's been a little wise for some reflective time.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: I'm still a little behind (watching it at Channel 4 pace) but again, it's good to see that this show has improved rather well. I like that we got to see a bit more of Ward's dark side and the fact that Skye discovered it pretty sharpish made for some good television as well. More to the point, it was also delightful to see the lovely Amy Acker appear as Coulson's former flame as well. I am hoping we do get to see her again but I can understand if this was a one-off. Now I just need to catch up with the final two episodes of the season.

Once Upon A Time: Easily one of the best finales we've had but at the same time, I was a bit disappointed that Zelena's storyline was wrapped up beforehand though. However I did enjoy Hook and Emma's trip to the past to correct certain mistakes and while it's a bit cheesy that the show is cashing in on Frozen so quickly, setting up the arrival of Elsa (not cast yet) along Belle/Gold getting hitched and Regina maybe losing another soulmate due to Emma's messing up could be interesting for the first half of next season. However the one thing I am hoping for next season is some back story/reappearances for the likes of Ruby, Mulan, Whale and Aurora/Philip to name a few and maybe a little less on Emma/Hook and Regina/Robin at times. Oh and for our new baddie not be related to any of the main characters - especially Regina and Gold.

- Eve Myles, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, James D'Arcy and Phoebe Waller-Bridge have been added to the second series of Broadchurch.
- Jessica Chastain is being rumoured for Season 2 of True Detective.
- AMC will premiere their new show, Halt And Catch Fire on Tumblr first - launching on May 19th and will be available to watch until May 31st.
- Lauren Ambrose has joined the cast of six part series, Dig.
- Stephen King will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming season of Under The Dome.
- Michael Malarkey's Enzo will be a regular in the sixth season of The Vampire Diairies.
- Daniel Sharman will also be appearing as a witch named Kaleb in the second season of The Originals.
- DaVinci's Demons has been renewed for a third season but with a new showrunner - John Shiban.

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